Success Stories

  1. LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Switch Installation in Los Angeles Metropolitan
  2. LinkPower™ LPS1000 Outdoor PoE Switch Enables Access Control for the University of New Orleans Student Housing
  3. Inscape Data's LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Switch Enduring Through Hurricane Irma
  4. Texas Steel Pipe Manufacturer Goes Wireless with Industrial Wireless IP Video
  5. Wireless Video Surveillance System for Kamaole Sands Resort
  6. Wireless System for CCTV Clients as Video Surveillance Solutions
  7. Security Video for Multi Tenant Complexes
  8. Live Automotive Traffic Recording with AirGoggle NVS 480R

LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Switch Installation in Los Angeles Metropolitan

SeasideElectricLinkPower™ LPS840AF-T1 Outdoor PoE (Power over Ethernet) Switches are installed in Los Angeles Metropolitan for the security surveillance application. The outdoor network consists of 5 LinkPower LPS840AF-T1 Outdoor PoE Switches and 17 Hikvision cameras. The switch and cameras are mounted on light poles, and each pole provides a dedicated 20 Amp, 120V AC power to the switches independently.

These LinkPower Outdoor PoE Switches are daisy-chaining back to an NVR server that recognizes all switches and cameras. Each of the LinkPower LPS840AF-T1 switches powers two to four HkVision 6MP Smart IP Outdoor Bullet cameras. The LPS840AF-T1 delivers 15.4W DC power per PoE port to each camera up to 100 meter distance. The installation is as simple as plug and play.

Seaside Electric, Inc.
Ventura, CA

LinkPower™ LPS1000 Outdoor PoE Switch Enables Access Control for the University of New Orleans Student Housing

TexasSince 1980, H&R Operator Services, Inc. has been providing their customers in the access control industry with unmatched service, and peerless knowledge and experience in perimeter access control, including gate operators, electronic locks, IP cameras, RFID, and asset tracking. With over 10,000 gate operators installed throughout the southeastern United States, their hard-earned reputation has been garnered through the quality of their work, as well as word-of-mouth from countless satisfied customers.

One of the University of New Orleans' goals is to provide resident students with the highest quality of living and learning environment at a reasonable cost. The housing areas boast state-of-the-art residence facilities, as well as video surveillance and secure card access to ensure safety. H&R Operators used Inscape Data's wireless bridges and Outdoor PoE Switches to replace and upgrade aging access control equipment at the edges of the housing facilities. Each of these locations had no network infrastructure, and the only power available was at each of the doors or gates.

The flexibility of Inscape Data's LinkPower™ LPS1000 Outdoor PoE Switch allowed H&R Operators to conform to the unique challenges provided by each job site. The rugged IP-68 weather-proofing LPS1000 allowed these units to be used in a gulf coast environment full of humidity, corrosion, extreme heat, lightning, and vandalism- normally very challenging elements for outdoor electronic equipment. Using the existing wired infrastructure network was impossible without a large capital outlay for AC power outlets and conduit runs, but Inscape Data's Outdoor PoE Switch products allowed connectivity to be had at a price that enabled the upgrade of a greater number of access control systems at one time. Future expansion is also made possible by the wireless infrastructure now in place, and IP video cameras can be easily added at a later date.

Inscape Data's Outdoor PoE Switch Enduring Through Hurricane Irma

Outdoor PoE Switch Hurricane IrmaInscape Data's LinkPower™ LPS3800ATM-T1 Outdoor PoE (Power over Ethernet) Switches endured through devastating hurricane weather, including Hurricane Irma which had the strongest observed sustained winds in the Atlantic since Wilma in 2005. Four LinkPower™ LPS3800ATM-T1 outdoor PoE switches were installed at Mega Yacht Marina in Miami, Florida, since January 2017 by Videlio-HMS, a global media system integrator with offices in France, Italy, Hong Kong, and throughout the Middle East. The four LPS3800ATM-T1 Outdoor PoE Switches installed provide power over Ethernet to a number of network devices for network and video data services in the marina.

Rolando Aspuru, Director of Land Operations stationed in Miami, Florida, Videlio-HMS, says "We're extremely pleased to see how tough the LPS3800ATM-T1 switches are and they were able to confront the extreme weather challenges and survived through these series of hurricanes and continuously to provide the network service to the users in the marina."

Rolando Aspuru

Director of Land Operations, Videlio-HMS

Texas Steel Pipe Manufacturer Goes Wireless with Industrial Wireless IP Video

TexasSince 1993, Security One Solutions (S.O.S.) has provided reliable, dependable, and functional security services around the surrounding Houston, Texas communities. S.O.S works diligently to help home owners and businesses comprehend the safest possible environment through security integration. SOS provides innovative solutions - from analysis, design, installation, maintenance. Service after the sale has always been the top priority and goal of S.O.S says the co-owner Greg M. Ray.

Tubular Services LLC Houston, Texas is a leading industrial plant which heat treats and threads metal piping for the petroleum industry and contacted S.O.S to upgrade its facility to a Digital IP camera system by the President Rick Hickman. The Inscape Data wireless PTZ IP video cameras were installed to monitor the plant's production line, logistic entrance, and employee parking lots. The monitoring allows the plant's management to ensure safety procedures are followed along with productivity and improve quality control. The new deployment of the IP cameras furthermore allows the clients of Tubular Services LLC to view the facility with much sharper images than the older analog video through the links on their web site. The owners like the scalability of the PTZ cameras for their smooth operation and speed enabling precision controls with such high quality video that allow for details not previously seen. Preset Tours provide precise positioning for Tubular Services web viewers and the NVM2000 software allows only for viewing and negates PTZ control by design.

In the final stage of deployment 5 GHz wireless transmission frequencies were chosen to wirelessly network 8 Inscape Data outdoor NVC3026 pan tilt zoom IP camera. 5 GHz frequency provided the interference and latency free operation needed for the plant's heavily congested 2.4 GHz spectrum. Inscape Data's dual band 2.4 or 5 GHz SB54 radio met the challenge by offering 25mbps of throughput to and from each camera to the Network Video Recorder (NVR) providing future-proof scalable IP video wireless connectivity.

Inscape Data NVM2000 12 channel NVR software was chosen and offers many unique features. One of which is the computer work station Remote Desktop Viewing software. Each workstation was individually set up with user names and passwords so the desktop icon could be double clicked to stream all 10 cameras instantly with user name and password imbedded in to omit typing. The Remote desktop manages the whole system with its user-friendly interface viewing live video on local/ remote sites and to record video for playback and exporting in case of any potential need for video evidence.

The Plant, Production, and Quality control managers, has found this system and its ease of use far superior to the old analog system since all of the components of the Digital IP system has access from any computer in the plant.

Due to the great success of the wireless physical video security deployment at the current production plant, the owner & president gave the go ahead for S.O.S. to outfit their "J-Port" plant with wireless IP video. Since S.O.S. was able to provide high quality cost effective wireless IP video and network communications, Tubular Services added PC work stations in the plant. This helps tremendously with their communication efforts using email in production areas once not possible without a physical trip the corporate office, quite a task on a 30 acre facility.

In conclusion Tubular Services has hired a web consulting firm to reevaluate the web site and make its one of a kind production facility more transparent with the deployment of the new IP cameras. Private tours with new clients are not needed now. The extremely harsh environment and Texas heat with buildings reaching 108 degrees and or the mud from rain storms made these tours difficult. Not to mention the noise from a 33 foot section of pipe dropping on a steel rack, no more hard hats and ear plugs . They now instead stream the video of the production facility from the newly renovated conference room on a 40 inch Samsung LCD which is quite impressive. As a direct result of this project and intelligibility, Tubular Services has made many cosmetic improvements to the look of the plant and a safety video to insure their client's of the integrity in which they continue to operate.

Security One Solutions

Houston, Texas

Wireless Video Surveillance System for Kamaole Sands Resort

TexasKamaole Sands is a luxury condominium resort located in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. The property spans 15 acres and contains 440 condo units that are surrounded by lush tropical gardens and trees. In early 2009, the Association's Board of Directors approved a study to investigate the feasibility of adding video surveillance cameras at the 3 entrances (two of the entrances are gated with controlled access) to the property. What created the need for the study was the South entrance gate was damaged by a hit-and-run driver and the North entrance gate had numerous intruders climbing the fence/gate to get onto the property. The study focused on three areas, 1) determine camera site locations for best overall surveillance coverage of the property, 2) determine wireless link margins needed due to 4-story concrete buildings and numerous, mature trees, 3) cameras and radio equipment must withstand the local environment of constant salt air being near the ocean, and finally 4) to recommend a vendor with a cost effective, reliable video surveillance system which met our performance requirements. Inscape Data was selected for their lower system costs, high performance wireless PTZ IP cameras, and for their advanced NVM2000 video software.

With our video surveillance project operational for nearly a year, the Security Team has been very impressed with the fast, efficient patrolling capability found on Inscape Data's NVM2000 software. All 3 cameras patrol their own preset areas, such as, vehicle and pedestrian entrances, parking lots, BBQ areas, and the Lobby entrance and constantly video record the entire peripheral of the property every 2-3 minutes. With video recording set for 24/7, the Security Team utilizes the intelligent video playback search which greatly reduces the amount of time viewing recorded videos. The video surveillance system has documented a number of property incidents. For instance, there was a complaint that a guard was constantly informing a wedding party that was staying at the resort about the property rules. His report and the surveillance video recording clearly and accurately documented as to what had happen. Other instances caught on surveillance cameras included guests riding motor scooters on the courtyard sidewalks, trespassers with dogs and skate boards, etc. With this kind of video surveillance system, Security can adapt to the ever changing problems and situations and have video documentation as proof of property incidents. The NVC910 cameras and the NVM2000 program are excellent tools for our Security Team and the Kamaole Sands property. Mahalo to Inscape Data for their cameras, radios, and software products!

Kamaole Sands Resort
Kihei, Hawaii

Wireless System for CCTV Clients as Video Surveillance Solutions

Lusaka Zambia
Lusaka, Zambia

In year 2005, we started our first wireless connectivity solution by deploying Inscape Data’s AirEther IP67/68 Outdoor Wireless IP Video Surveillance system for fuel depot location where have been experiencing thefts and unauthorized vehicle access.  Via installation of Inscape Data cost-effective wireless IP surveillance solutions, we have been able to save much money for customer.  The quality viewing and recording system also allowed customer to apprehend unauthorized vehicles entering the depot, reduce on fuel and lubricant thefts.

As a security company base in Lusaka Zambia, we used to provide the public with CCTV surveillance systems only.  After this first successful project, not only we would be able to expand business into wireless area.  Since then, Inscape Data has been our only choice of Complete Outdoor Wireless and IP Video Surveillance solution.

What I like most about the AirEther series Access Points/Client Points is they are very simple to use.  I appreciate the utility software is easy-for-use, and system is quick-to-install.

Most of all, Inscape system has been a very positive experience for me.  It allows detailed videos, regardless of what time and day, to be viewed by the owners.  The installation of the system was very quick and easy, with long range wireless signal coverage.  The weatherproofing and construction is so impressive.  The Inscape products are perfect for CCTV all-in-one units, including Power over Ethernet, all the necessary cables and mounting components, easy configuration.  We have been very pleased with the performance of Inscape Data's products and services.

The leap into completely Inscape IP-based technology is the best decision for the bucks.  It worth every cent in terms of monetary investment as well as security by far.  Although digital surveillance can be done over a LAN network, the remote needs of monitoring on multiple locations (100 meters to 50 Kms), data-recording/back-up, and flexibility of equipment eplacement.  In addition, you can

  • Cost effective or feasible when transmitting longer distances
  • Eliminates recurring costs such as monthly internet charges
  • Immediate installation
  • No permits required
  • No trenching
  • Can be mobile or temporary

All these reasons make TCP/IP transmittal of surveillance definitely a long-term solution.

We are very satisfied with Inscape Data's products and look forward to purchase and continue working with them in the future.

Naeem Jasat
Technical Manager at Magnum Security
Lusaka, Zambia

Security Video for Multi Tenant Complexes

ip security

We have been a distributor for Inscape Data Corp for less than a year and already have seen what this product can do for us and you. We have helped advise on technical issues and design systems at several different apartment complexes that are in California and their corporate office is in New Jersey. The Company is so impressed with Inscape Data’s product that we are working on other apartment complexes with them, which are still in the design stages. We anticipate a long and prosperous future with Inscape Data Corp.

Nationwide Security Cameras

Live Automotive Traffic Recording with AirGoggle NVS 480R

Traffic safety photo-enforcement is quickly spreading across the United States as results prove red-light and speed enforcement cameras are successful in reducing the number of crashes and injuries.   A leading provider of photo-enforcement programs and technology uses the Inscape Data NVS480R network DVR as a live recording technology component of its system. 

The Inscape Data NVS480R allows the company to:

  • Monitor all intersection enforced vehicle approaches
  • Records audible sirens and collisions
  • Validates right turn violations
  • Real-time viewing over the Internet
  • Saves all (24/7) digital video data and violation clips beyond 30 days
  • Records the action of any violating vehicle and all relevant circumstances
  • Easy network DVR playback function over the Internet by the user for review

“The system allows all video, regardless of a violation event, to be viewed by our client communities and in many cases, the traffic-law violators themselves,” a representative from the public safety company said.  “The high-quality system has also helped law-enforcement beyond enforcing traffic violations.  It’s also helped solve many crimes, including a shooting murder in Burlingame, California after the Police Department reviewed our video from a red-light camera in nearby Millbrae.” 

Inscape Data is pleased to be the leading source in rugged and robust digital IP Video recording system for the traffic violation, surveillance, and documentation industry.  For more detailed information regarding the 480R, please contact an Inscape Data sales professional.

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