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Top Smart City Solution Providers

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Featured as one of the top innovative Smart City Providers in 2021 by Enterprise Viewpoint, Inscape Data has been powering smart city networks with its innovative and all-in-one-box solutions.

Smart cities around the globe require smart solutions to withstand any climatic conditions and other factors that challenge the roles of smart and innovative solutions. This is where Inscape Data comes in with its pioneering all-in-one-box solution.

Inscape Data, Chief Technology Officer David Lin says, “Smart cities aren’t just a dream anymore. High-speed connectivity, IoT, and security systems are transforming the traditional elements of a city into next-generation systems. With its all-in-one-box solutions like LinkPower™, Inscape Data is powering Smart Cities. Inscape Data’s LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Network Switch offers cost-effective, dependable, and durable smart city solutions. Inscape Data is committed to delivering reliable and unique fiber optic solutions that are reliable and highly cost-competitive.”

The growing trend is the increase in demand for more network width from the edges to backhauls from many cities in the U.S.  This is unsurprising when cell phone operators are deeply into their 5G deployments. In February 2023, Inscape Data released a new LinkPower PoE switch, LPS10868ATMP, that offers eight 10/100/1000/2500 Base-T RJ45 ports supporting high-power 802.3bt PoE power and four 10 Gigabit SFP Fiber Optic Uplink ports. 

This is the first outdoor PoE switch with eight 2.5 Gigabit PoE ports and high bandwidth uplink ports available for smart city applications. Inscape Data will continue to expand and leverage the high power and high bandwidth outdoor PoE switch solutions in 2023 and grow with their smart city customers.

Talking about the challenges faced by the decision-makers in the smart city space, Lin says that harsh climatic conditions are the major challenges faced by the decision-makers in the smart city space and how it poses obstacles in deploying outdoor networks.

“Decision-makers around the world feel that harsh climatic conditions pose a significant challenge to smart city space, as it makes the outdoor network deployment for Wi-Fi, video surveillance, and IoT difficult,” says Lin.

 The reason is that the resulting dust, dirt, and water can wreak network power, maintenance, and reliability due to harsh climatic conditions. Additionally, city leaders are often found struggling to ensure a seamless power supply to different network devices like radio, security cameras, and sensors and link them together in remote outdoor environments.

This is where Inscape Data – a manufacturer of entire Power over Ethernet (PoE) and fiber optic solutions – do wonders.

In November 2009, Inscape Data launched its first generation of LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE (Power over Ethernet) Switch solutions to address the challenges of outdoor networks. Since then, LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Switch solutions have evolved from a single “All-in-One-Box” IP68 outdoor PoE switch product to a family of outdoor PoE network solutions.

Lin says that the LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE network solutions now include LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor PoE Switches, LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor PoE Injectors, and LinkPower™ Standard PoE to Passive PoE/D.C. converters, and uninterrupted power systems.

 “Over the years, Inscape Data has developed patented technologies that make our injectors and PoE/D.C. converters seamlessly inter-connect with LinkPower Outdoor PoE switches,” says Lin.

 System integrators can now power a wide range of network devices with Inscape Data outdoor PoE network solutions covering IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt PoE standards, non-standard passive PoE, or direct 5/12/24/48V D.C. power requirements.

Elaborating on the statement – The LinkPower™ complete network switch solutions provide Smart City integrators with the scalability from simple unmanaged network switch solutions to sophisticated managed network switch solutions – Lin says, “The basis of LinkPower™ complete network switch solutions is to offer a wide range of IP68 weatherproof enclosures and D.C. voltage solutions for different types of installation. The installation types of outdoor network switches include pole mount, wall mount, underground, and ground installs.”

Inscape Data offer complete network switch solutions that meet all these installation types. The LinkPower™ network switch solutions range from simple unmanaged to sophisticated managed network switch solutions.

The managed switch features include advanced VLAN functions like a 4K-entry VLAN table and provide VLAN classification according to port-based, protocol-and-port-based, MAC-based, and Flow-based capability. In addition, the VLAN translation function also supports Metro Ethernet applications and multiple network redundancy protocols STP/RSTP/MSTP (<50ms) and (ITU-T G.8032) ERPS(<20ms) to improve link backup and network reliability. 

The reliability and performance of VLAN features are critical to smart city network security. Other key features of the solutions are the wide range of DC voltages that power different network devices with different DC power voltage levels, i.e., from 5V to 53V D.C. These enable a broad range of smart city applications, i.e., IoT. 

Talking about the case studies, Lin says one of their customers' installation sites is a campus with 170 acres. In this application, the customer covers the Wi-Fi in the entire 170 acres.  All the Wi-Fi radios are powered through LinkPower IP68 weatherproof PoE switches in underground vaults. The underground installation requires the IP68 enclosures due to the water from heaven rains and storms.   The LinkPower™ complete network switch solutions have proved to meet the critical weather challenge for the customer.

Undoubtedly, there are a number of companies out there that are vying for the top position, but what separates Inscape Data from all the competition and the competitors is the fact Inscape Data is the leading vendor and provider with the largest selection of outdoor PoE network solutions, and they aim to maintain the leading edge by expanding the solutions and innovation. Inscape Data’s LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE switch solutions are manufactured in the USA and protected by multiple patents. Their mission is to continue innovating and capitalizing on new products based on the proprietary technologies developed by Inscape Data.

The uniqueness of Inscape Data’s LinkPowerTM Outdoor PoE network solutions is its versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. The company can power devices from 5V to 53V D.C. with standard RJ45 jacks for network applications, for example, high-power I.R. cameras and lower-power Wi-Fi radios, or barrel jacks for IoT applications as well as IoT and smart grid sensors. The flexibility and wide range of network power options make Inscape Data an attractive and cost-effective answer for smart city network needs.

The future looks bright for Inscape Data, which continues to grow both domestically in the US and internationally in the European markets. Inscape Data always works hard to understand customers' needs. Serving clients across the U.S. and Europe with a wide solution portfolio, Inscape Data is continually enhancing its offerings based on its clients’ feedback.

Currently, the company is working to bring customized solutions along with off-the-shelf ones to address clients’ unique requirements. Also, as a leading vendor and provider of outdoor PoE network solutions, Inscape Data holds multiple patents and continues to invest in innovations.

“We are committed to delivering innovative, unique, reliable, and quality PoE and fiber optic solutions at a highly competitive price,” adds Lin.

To cut a long story short, smart city projects have multiple complex requirements from a technology standpoint, and if these are not addressed rightly, city dwellers and city authorities can face serious consequences.

Inscape Data, with its best-in-class LinkPowerTM Outdoor PoE switch systems, is enabling smart city applications to operate under extreme weather conditions.

Since opening its doors in 2009, Inscape Data has been pioneering the development of All-in-One-Box outdoor PoE switch products. The company is one of the leading vendors of high-quality outdoor PoE and switch solutions. Moreover, Inscape Data provides one of the largest outdoor PoE network solutions selections.  Inscape Data’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE switch solutions are manufactured in the USA and protected by multiple patents.

“In the long run, our mission is to continue innovating and capitalizing on new products based on the proprietary technologies developed by Inscape Data,” says Lin.


Permission to post this article has been granted by and was originally posted at CIO Insights

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