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Inscape Data offers a full range of cost effective outdoor wireless, PoE Switch, and IP video solutions to various military, government, and homeland security applications.  Inscape Data is highly experienced and capable of offering a wide range of total PoE and fiber optic switch solutions, for example:


Perimeter Wireless Video Surveillance


Mission Critical Wireless Video Surveillance


Borderline Wireless Video Surveillance

goernment premise

Government Premise Wireless Video Surveillance

Inscape Data is ready to serve government integrators with flexible, tailor-made designs and reliable, proven manufacturing services. If you're a federal, state, or governement buyer, you can purchase Inscape Data's products through Unistar-Sparco Computers, Inc.



Inscape Data continues to develop and deliver its capabilities to provide the federal governments and Department of Defense with the most solid and cost effective ruggedized PoE (Power over Ethernet) products.

  • PoE and fiber optic switch solutions
  • Systems, integration, testing and evaluation 
  • Management, technical and consulting services
  • Manufacturing, design, engineering, assembly and production
  • Administrative management services

Inscape Data’s capabilities include:

Ruggedized PoE and fiber optic Switch Solutions – To provide military standard quality ruggedized PoE swtich systems that offer robust and secure connectivity for military or government personnel in dispersed command locations down to the lowest echelon foot soldier or marine and to each ship and aircraft.

Research Development & System Integration – To build over-the-horizon, on-the-move, and beyond-line-of sight communications. Integrated tactical systems enable commanders and warfighters to optimize and exploit the advantages Distributed Network Operations/Extended battle field Operations to visualize the battlespace and carry out mutually supporting tactical actions. Network-enabled forces can operate as scalable, widely dispersed units and “self-organize” for concentrated or swarm operations.

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