Top Innovative Smart City Solution Providers

Top Innovative Smart City Solution Providers
Inscape Data Featured As One of Top Innovative Smart City Solution Providers 2021 by Enterprise Viewpoint

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Inscape Data Corporation: Powering Smart City Networks

Smart cities aren’t just a dream anymore. High-speed connectivity, IoT, and security systems are transforming the traditional elements of a city into next-generation systems. However, the challenges alongside the deployment of these devices are also numerous. When it comes to outdoor network deployment for Wi-Fi, video surveillance, and IoT, cities around the globe constantly face challenges from harsh climate conditions. The resulting dust, dirt, and rain can wreak network power, network maintenance, and network reliability. Dealing with these challenges is Inscape Data Corporation—a company that offers cost-effective, dependable, and durable smart city solutions. Inscape Data is committed to delivering reliable and unique fiber optic solutions that are reliable and highly cost-competitive.

Back in November 2009, Inscape Data launched its first generation of LinkPower—a cutting-edge outdoor power over Ethernet (PoE) switch solution to address the challenges of outdoor networks. Since then, LinkPower Outdoor PoE switch solutions have evolved from a single “All-in-One-Box” IP68 outdoor PoE switch product to a family of outdoor PoE network solutions. Today, the LinkPower Outdoor PoE network solutions now include a wide variety of components that include switches, outdoor PoE injectors, standard PoE to passive PoE/D.C. converters, and uninterrupted power systems. “Over the years, Inscape Data has developed patented technologies that make our injectors and PoE/D.C. converters seamlessly inter-connect with LinkPower Outdoor PoE switches.  System integrators can now power a wide range of network devices with Inscape Data outdoor PoE network solutions covering IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt PoE standards, non-standard passive PoE, or direct 5/12/24/48V D.C. power requirements,” explains David Lin, Chief Technology Officer, Inscape Data Corporation.

Inscape Data’s All-in-One-Box outdoor 802.3af/at/bt managed Gigabit PoE switch technology effectively enables a wide range of wired/wireless, IP video, and smart city applications, most notably video surveillance systems, campus, and metropolitan Wi-Fi networks, and smart city networks. Using Inscape Data’s LinkPower All-in-One-Box outdoor multi-port Gigabit PoE switches and LinkPower total PoE and fiber optic solutions, organizations from system integrators to governments, and to schools can economically and flexibly deploy and install their data, voice, and video communications from enterprise networks, college campus networks to metropolitan networks.

What makes Inscape Data’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE network solutions unique is its versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. The company can power devices from 5V to 53V D.C. with standard RJ45 jacks for network applications, for example, high-power I.R. cameras and lower power Wi-Fi radios, or barrel jacks for IoT applications as well as IoT and smart grid sensors. The flexibility and wide range of network power options make Inscape Data an attractive and cost-effective answer for smart city network needs.

InscapeData’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE network solutions are deployed for numerous applications in Europe and North America. An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when Inscape Data’s solutions are utilized in extremely cold conditions around the US. Diverse climate examples of U.S. cities deploying Inscape Data’s LinkPower outdoor PoE network solutions include London in the United Kingdom, San Francisco Bay Area cities San Jose/San Mateo/Oakland in California, and Hidalgo County, Texas. In these regions, Inscape Data’s customers were facing the challenges of reliable weatherproof outdoor powering solutions. By using Inscape Data’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE network solutions, thousands of residential homes in these cities have Wi-Fi networks interconnected using Inscape Data’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE Switches.

Since opening its doors in 2009, Inscape Data has been pioneering the development of All-in-One-Box outdoor PoE switch products. The company is one of the leading vendors of high-quality outdoor PoE and switch solutions. Moreover, Inscape Data provides one of the largest selections of outdoor PoE network solutions.  Inscape Data’s LinkPower Outdoor PoE switch solutions are manufactured in the USA and protected by multiple patents. “In the long run, our mission is to continue innovating and capitalizing on new products based on the proprietary technologies developed by Inscape Data,” concludes Lin.

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