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Inscape Data Corporation: Empowering Smart City Networks with "All-in-One Box" Solution

When it comes to outdoor network deployment for wifi, video surveillance, and IoT, cities around the globe constantly face challenges from harsh climate conditions. The resulting dust, dirt, and water can wreak network power, network maintenance, and network reliability. Also, city leaders are often found struggling to ensure seamless power supply to different network devices, such as radio, security cameras, and sensors, and link them together in remote outdoor environments.

This is where Inscape Data—a manufacturer of total Power over Ethernet (PoE) and fiber optic solutions—does wonder. In November 2009, Inscape Data launched its first generation of LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE (Power over Ethernet) Switch solutions to address the challenges of outdoor networks. Since then, LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Switch solutions have evolved from a single “All-in-One-Box” IP68 outdoor PoE switch product to a family of outdoor PoE network solutions. “The LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE network solutions now include LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor PoE Switches, LinkPower™ IP68 Outdoor PoE Injectors, and LinkPower™ Standard PoE to Passive PoE/D.C. converters,” says David Lin, Chief Technology Officer, Inscape Data.

Lin further mentions that Inscape Data’s patented technologies seamlessly connect injectors and PoE/D.C. converters with LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE switches. “System integrators can now power a wide range of network devices with Inscape Data outdoor PoE network solutions covering IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt PoE standards, non-standard passive PoE, or direct 5/12/24/48V D.C. power requirements,” adds Lin. These versatile, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions power devices from 5V to 52V D.C. with standard RJ45 jacks for network applications, including high-power I.R. camer as, lower power wifi radios, and barrel jacks for IoT and smart grid sensors. These managed switches enable remote managers to control the power settings from anywhere, offering complete reliability and network security. “The flexibility and wide range of network power options make Inscape Data an attractive and cost-effective answer for smart city network needs,” mentions Lin.

The flexibility and wide range of network power options make Inscape Data an attractive and cost-effective answer for smart city network needs

To put things into perspective, Inscape Data had deployed LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE network solutions for numerous applications in Europe and North America. They have successfully implemented the solutions across Hidalgo County, San Jose, San Mateo, Oakland, national parks and different parts of London. LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Switches today connect wifi networks or power wifi radios for thousands of residential homes in these cities. Using Inscape Data’s PoE switches, cities also power their infrared I.P. cameras that cover hundreds of meters in the dark.

Serving clients across various the U.S. and Europe with a wide solution portfolio, Inscape Data is continually enhancing its offerings based on clients’ feedback. In fact, they are currently working to bring customized solutions along with off-the-shelf ones to address clients’ unique requirements. Also, as a leading vendor and provider of outdoor PoE network solutions, Inscape Data holds multiple patents and continues to invest in innovations. “We are committed to deliver innovative, unique, reliable, and quality PoE and fiber optic solutions at a highly competitive price,” adds Lin.

In a nutshell, smart city projects have multiple complex requirements from a technology standpoint, and if these are not addressed rightly, city dwellers and city authorities can face serious consequences. Fortunately, today, Inscape Data, with its best-in-class LinkPowerTM Outdoor PoE switch systems, is enabling smart city applications to operate under extreme weather conditions.

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