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User's Manuals/Latest Firmware for Managed Outdoor PoE Switches

1. LPS7844 Series Web Management Firmware (Version v2.120200527),

2. LPS3800 Series Web Management Firmware (Version v2.12),

LPS3800-T1 User's Manual


3. LPS3802 Series Web Management Firmware (Version 2019411),

LPS3802-T1 User's Manual


4. LPS3400 Series Web Management Firmware (Version v2.12),

LPS3400-T1 User's Manual


5. LPS3400ATMP Series Web Management Firmware (Version 07092021),

LPS3400ATMP-T1 User's Manual


6. LPS3400/3800/3802/6844/7844 Web Management Manual

Latest Firmware for LPS3400, LPS3400ATMP, LPS3800, LPS3802 Managed Models.

Firmware Release Note


LPS1800 Series Web Management Firmware & User's Manual

(Version 06022015)

LPS1800-T1 User's Manual


LPS1800 Web Management Manual

For LPS1800AF-T1, LPS1800AT-T1, LPS1800AFM-T1 & LPS1800ATM-T1 Models.


User's Manuals for Unmanaged Outdoor PoE Switches

1. LPS840-T1 User's Manual


2. LPS2400-T1 User's Manual


3. LPS2802-T1 User's Manual


For LPS840-T1, LPS2400-T1, & LPS2802-T1 Models.

AirEther Wireless Systems



Latest Version


Device Search Software,
Version 2.7

For All SB300E/BR300/BR300E & SB3000/BR3000 Series

AirGoggle IP Video Systems


Mainconsole Lite

For all NVC660, 770, and 880MP Series IP Video Camera Models
Free and No License Required


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