The LinkPower™ UPS1048 Outdoor Uninterruptible Power Supply 1048 provides AC to battery backup 48V DC output for applications, e.g., LinkPower™ Outdoor PoE Switches, needing backup power in outdoor environments.   The UPS1048 includes AGM sealed lead acid battery backup is housed in a weather-protected IP68 enclosure.  It provides a wide input voltage range (100 to 240V AC) to deliver a nominal 48V DC output.  Outdoor UPS1048 design is suitable for severe outdoor environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C when four 12V battery discharges and one-hour battery backup time with 240W load.




Key Features Datasheet Downloads
  • Seamless transfer to battery backup system ensures Outdoor PoE Switch remains powered
  • Wide ac input voltage window lengthens battery life
  • Designed for outdoor installations, the Outdoor UPS is lightweight and low profile with latch locks providing protection and security
  • Full weather outdoor protection, high Impact polycarbonate hinged enclosure with IP68 weatherproof rating
  • Three year limited warranty on electronics, parts and labor; manufacturer’s warranty on batteries

LinkPower™ Outdoor UPS1048 UPS Power  System


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