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5GHz Wireless Video Cameras

The leading outdoor network appliance company, Inscape Data Corporation, is proud of offering the following cost effective professional dual band wireless video products to security markets worldwide:



NWC5-880MP Series
Wireless All Weather Fixed Video Camera


NWC5-3000H/3018MP/3020MP2 Series
11n Wireless H.264 / 1080P Mega Pixel Speed Dome
Video Camera


All of the dual band wireless video camera products share the following three product benefits:

  1. IEEE 802.11n Standard Radio with 5GHz Frequency - Integrated with a 5GHz, 18dBi dual polarity 2x2 panel antenna, the wireless video camera system operates at the 5GHz wireless frequency with minimum interference for reliable with 300Mbps data rate and secure video transmission.
  2. Proven Cost Effective Products – Complete cost effective wireless and IP video day/night camera systems ready for outdoor deployment and installation.
  3. Secure Video Transmission – Secure video transmission over wireless links by the secure MAC layer access control (ACL) and WPA2 with AES encryption (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security as a point-to-point wireless bridge.
  4. All Weather Enclosures – Designed for all weather outdoor applications based on the IP66 camera and IP68 compliant enclosures.


Security Applications

Commercial Applications

Metropolitans & Governments

Critical Facilities

- Parking lots

- Buildings

- Campuses

- Warehouses

- Shopping malls

- Theme parks

- Residential communities

- Metropolitan streets

- Freeways

- Schools

- State Parks

- Water Sources

- Tourist Attractions

- Military Bases

- Airports

- Seaports

- Borders

- Oil Pipelines

- Mining

- Nuclear Power Plants

- Water Resources


Application Diagram

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