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AirGoggleTM IP Video Viewer and Recorder Softwares

Inscape Data has developed a complete range of IP Video software products to be included with every AirGoggle IP Video hardware purchase. Our software portfolio ranges from smaller installations to large and scalable systems. Inscape Data is also proud to present next generation intelligent surveillance management software - AirGoggle NVM2000, which is also now available for purchase.



AirGoggleTM NVM2000 Surveillance Management Software

NVM2000The NVM2000 next generation intelligent IP video management software platform provides the most
cost effective, future-proof video recording, detection, and delivery solution, from small business to enterprise-scale applications. Monitor live video and investigate recorded video from outside the control room via multiple video clients – local area network, web-based, and handheld anywhere on the network, even the Internet. With support for IP video over wireless, surveillance and recording of remote applications are now realized.

The NVM2000 offers non-proprietary open-architecture multi-vendor IP camera support and runs on off-the-shelf PC servers and workstations. Features include video content analytics, instant
response, object counting and detection, intelligent recorded video search, and remote playback
server to name a few. The NVM2000 is used in a wide range of applications from wireless parking
lot video detection to campus wide centralized video monitoring. The NVM2000 is easy to use. Its
powerful software management graphical user interface offers one click access to major video
management functions.


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NVM2000 Multivendor IP Camera Support List


NVM2000 Surveillance Management Software (Version, Free 30-DAY Evaluation

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