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Inscape Data's NVR600 Series, Network Video Recording solution, including AirGoggle™ network IP cameras and the NVR600 Network Video Recorder, offers you with a complete, one-stop-shopping IP video solution for your surveillance and monitoring operations. Live video and recorded archives can be viewed from any authorized Windows PC connected to the local network or from a remote location connected via the Internet.

Key System Features

• Linux embedded – free from PC crash and virus attack
• Support Point of Sale (POS) through Inscape Data's POS box or Ethernet (TCP/IP client)
• Support panomorph PTZ (360°)
• Support multiple mobile client - iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry
• Alarm source of Inscape Data's Central Management System (CMS)
• High throughput for megapixel camera recording
• Support joystick for easier camera controlling
• Server-client architecture
• Web-based management (Recommend on IE8 and later)
• Online GUI recording schedule
• Support megapixel camera and H.264 compression format
• Multiple camera streams for limited-bandwidth remote viewer
• Support E-map with device indicator
• Playback system with 5 intelligent search
• Remote I/O solution and camera I/O integration
• RAID 0,1,5,10, prevention of data loss
• NTP server synchronization

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System Configuration

NVR600 config


NVR600 spectable

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