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AirGoggle System

Stay ahead of the IP video surveillance technology with Inscape Data Corporation's new multi-codec H.264/H.265 AirGoggle IP Video surveillance solution. H.264/H.265 are open standards offering the most efficient video compression techniques available today. The Inscape Data H.264/H.265 IP video surveillance cameras and servers can reduce the size of a live digital video surveillance transmission by more than 80% compared with the Motion JPEG format and 50% more than MPEG-4 Part 2 standard. The reduction in network bandwidth and storage space means video transmission of greater picture quality is now possible utilizing the same network infrastructure. It also means much higher video quality can be achieved for a given bit rate than Motion JPEG or MPEG-4. Inscape Data Corporation's H.264/H.265 IP video surveillance solution simplifies wireless transmission of point to point or point to multipoint IP video surveillance.


Inscape Data Corporation proudly offers AirGoggle H.264/H.265 IP video surveillance cameras and servers in box, dome, vandal dome, pan/tilt/zoom, and bullet form factors for indoor and outdoor applications from resolutions of 640x480 VGA to 1600 x 1200 UXGA 2.0, & 5.0 Megapixel. With Inscape Data progressive scan 2.0 megapixel technology, surveillance videos are captured and displayed with crisp and vivid details at up to 30 frames per second full motion video per camera. Choose from NVM1000 free 64 channel video software or professional NVM2000 licensed network video recorder with analytics software to monitor, record, and playback of the video streams provided by the AirGoggle IP Video surveillance cameras.

AirGoggleTM H.264 /H.265

Megapixel IP Video Cameras

NVC660MP Series

NVC770MP Series

NVC880MP Series

NVC3000MP Series

NVC660 nvc770 NVC880 nvc3020mp2nvc3020mp2

Indoor Fisheye

Outdoor IR Dome

Outdoor IR Bullet


Outdoor 3MP WDR 30x Speed Dome Camera



Outdoor 2MP IR WDR 30x Speed Dome Camera




AirGoggleTM Professional Network IP Video Servers / Recorder

The AirGoggle NVS460H, 480, and 480R are the latest professional single and multi-channel audio & video servers designed for local/remote security, monitoring and IT applications. The NVS460H offers one-channel H.264 video recording, while NVS480 and NVS480R offer four-channel MPEG-4 video recording. In addition, the NVS480R offers built-in hard disk drive with 400GB and 500GB. Based on state-of-the-art video-coding (H.264 & MPEG-4) and speech-coding (ADPCM) technologies, the AirGoggle NVS480 offers installation friendly CCTV to IP video conversion. Customers may leverage their existing CCTV cameras while migrating to IP video system. NVS480H and NVS480RH 4-channel H.264 version is currently in development and will be available soon.



Network Video Recorder


AirGoggleTM Accessories

Mounts & Adapters

PTZ Camera Joystick

Video Management Software


for NVC360H, NVC910H, NVC1000H and NVC3000H series

for NVC910H, NVC1000H and NVC3000H series

Viewing and Management Softwares




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