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AirEtherTM 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO Outdoor Long Range AP/Router/Bridge Wireless System


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The AirEther 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) outdoor AP, Router, and Bridge system encompass the latest in wireless technology to deliver break through over-the-air 300mbps data rate and reliability securely comparable to Ethernet networks even under conditions of interference, signal fading, and multipath.  MIMO wireless technology take advantage of multipath challenge by requiring multiple signal paths to increase speed. In effect, MIMO systems use a combination of multiple antennas and multiple signal paths to gain knowledge of the communications channel. By using the spatial dimension of a communications link, MIMO systems can achieve significantly higher data rates than traditional single-input, single-output (SISO) channels like IEEE 802.11a/b/g based wireless systems.  A receiver can recover independent streams from each of the transmitter’s antennas. A 2 x 2 MIMO system produces two spatial streams to effectively double the maximum data rate of what might be achieved in a traditional 1 x 1 SISO communications channel.  MIMO enables the video capacity in 802.11n transmission to accommodate high resolution megapixel security video cameras and IT networking.


The premium features of the Inscape Data 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO outdoor wireless system offer the market rugged commercial grade equipment and IP68 compliant enclosure with highly competitive pricing. Standard turn-key feature package includes:


Secure and Scalable

  • AES-based, the wireless bridge link is secure and can scale to support multiple networks segmented by VLANs
  • Support up to two IEEE802.1x radius authentication servers for media-level access control and traffic policy based on user or machine identity

High Performance MIMO Radio

  • High power radio(s) for extended areas of coverage
  • Idea for hotels and resorts, ideal for schools, stadiums, parking lots, and other outdoor sports facilities
  • Excellent for large enterprises or warehouses that have shipping docks and other outdoor areas

Multimedia and QoS (Qualify of Service) Support

  • Support Quality of Service based on the IEEE 802.11e standard
  • Improve the user experience for audio, video, and voice applications by prioritizing data traffic
  • Up to 16 BSSIDs with unique QoS and security policies can be configured

Ruggedized enclosure for harsh outdoor environments

  • IP68 compliant diecast enclosure for long term durable outdoor deployment
  • Outdoor grade enclosure supporting operating temperature between -40° C to 75° C
  • Two or four external N-type antenna connectors

Easy Installation and Paring

  • Simplified wireing by PoE support for 100 ~ 240 volt AC power source
  • Four system LED with additional Signal strengthen indicator for more effective AP/client paring
  • Flexible wall and mast mounting options

Inscape Data continues its tradition with the next generation wireless products to meet the high demand environment of IP video security and wireless networking industries.  With equipment maintenance cost high on the list of company expenses, the AirEtherTM 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO wireless systems are easy to install. When used with Inscape Data's LPS1000 or LPS series Outdoor Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch or commercial PoE injectors, PIS200, PIP100, and PES100, the AirEther 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO products provide rugged reliable wireless interconnectivity of mission critical IP video surveillance and networking functionality.


AirEtherTM SB3000 Series

SB3000 802.11n Outdoor Access Point/Router



AirEtherTM BR300/BR300E

802.11a/n 2x2 MIMO Outdoor Wireless Bridge/AP/Router/Repeater

2000AP Indoor WiFI  

AirEtherTM 2000AP Indoor WIFI

High Power Dual Radio Indoor WIFI Access Point with Built-in Smart Antenna





Dual Polarity MIMO Antennas


Panel Antenna
Directional panel antennas for long-range wireless applications,

i.e., 5 to 10 miles

Sector Antenna
Adjustable high-gain directional sector antenna for long-range wireless applications,

i.e., 8 to 15 miles

Omni Antenna
High-gain omni antenna for outdoor short-range applications,

i.e. Parking Lots

Low Loss Antenna Cable
Water Tight Connector Kit
Outdoor Ethernet Cable

Low Loss Antenna Cable
High quality low loss antenna cable to interconnect between AirEther antennas and outdoor wireless radios with external antenna connectors.

Water-Tight Connector Kit
Water-Tight Connector Kit for connecting outdoor wireless systems.

Outdoor Ethernet Cable

Outdoor grade CAT5 cable with water tight connector


Power Supplies PES100  

Power Supplies
12V DC, 2 Amp power adapter


Gigabit 802.3af PoE Injector


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