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The NVS470 IP video surveillance camera decoder decodes high quality MPEG-4 video and ADPCM audio stream from Inscape Data AirGoggle IP video surveillance cameras and servers. This allows analog devices such as video matrix switches, LCD monitors, or a DVR to be connected to Inscape Data IP video surveillance products. The NVS470 breaks the remote monitoring barrier of analog video systems by extending IP video protocol to analog systems. Once hard to wire video monitoring or surveillance applications are now possible by integrating Inscape Data IP cameras into analog video networks.

The standalone hardware architecture of the NVS470 allows displaying of live video on monitors in locations where a PC is not required. Since IP video signals are routable across the internet, this opens up the possibility of remote or centralized video monitoring once not possible with analog video systems.


When using the NVS470 with an AirEther™ outdoor digital IP camera wireless transmission system, AirGoggle™ IP video surveillance cameras installed across a building, spread throughout a parking lot, or along property perimeters can now be monitored by analog CCTV systems. Wireless video surveillance is cost effective and many times, the only option.


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Real Time MPEG-4 Video and ADPCM Audio Decoding
High Performance Analog Video Output Up to 30 Frames Per Second and 500 TV Lines of High Quality Video. NTSC and PAL Supported

Robust Video Polling Technology of Up to 32 IP Cameras
Reliable and Robust IP Camera Polling and Sequencing Algorithm Ensures Streaming Video and Audio Reliability. Independent Wait Time Configurable Per IP Camera Channel.

Alarm Trigger Video Priority
When An Alarm is Triggered From A Programmed IP Video Camera, Analog Video Output Jumps to the Triggered IP Video Camera


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