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The AirGoggle NVS Server series is an all-in-one high performance professional network audio video server, for analog CCTV and NVC AirGoggle cameras, available in single channel-NVS460, quad channel-NVS480, and quad channel with DVR-NVS480R. The hybrid recording feature of both CCTV and NVC AirGoggle IP cameras is only offered by the NVS480RH. It offers full D1 720x480 video resolution and efficient network real-time streaming via MPEG-4 video streaming technology which is bandwidth and storage friendly. It is the industries most efficient network video server with adjustable video rate control from 32kbps to 3mbps.


The all-in-one concept support many popular RS-485 protocol for total PTZ control with 3rd party PTZ dome models, Sensor and relay I/O support many access control and sensor modules, and full backend video management support via NVR100 16 channel or NVM1000 64 channel version software makes the high-performance AirGoggle NVS series video server ideal for professional security surveillance applications.


In addition to the features offered by the AirGoggle NVS480, the NVS480R is a state-of-the-art, professional four-channel network DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with a 500- GB hard disk drive (HDD) and audio-video server. By combining standard-based audio/video codec technologies (MPEG-4 and MPEG-4), embedded web servers, embedded streaming servers, various network protocols and hard disk manipulation technologies, the AirGoggle NVS480R offers  the highest quality and reliability in an audio/video server and DVR.


The AirGoggle TM NVS480R is the premiere pentaplex network DVR in the industry.  It converts traditional CCTV analog video and audio efficiently into high quality digital format onto the built-in high performance hard disk drive.  This enables digital audio and video recording without the need for a dedicated PC or 24 x 7 IP network and allow users to design fault tolerant security system architecture if needed.   

Unique to the industry is AirGoggleTM 480R's built-in programming interface flexibility and physical form factor.  The 480R has the flexibility to manage live streaming and recording quality by each channel independently.  This creates flexibility for system architecture catered to any network capacity.  The user may choose to stream at low quality to conserve bandwidth and record at high quality.  Network downtime is never a hindrance as local video recording continues onto the built-in hard disk drive.  Simultaneous remote recording with Inscape Data NVM1000 software enabled PC and 480R local disk drive recording allows fault tolerance system architecture unparallel to anything currently available in the market.


» Key Features


RS485 Support for Multiple Pan/Tilt/Zoom Devices
The software upgradeable RS485 multi-protocol support industry’s 3rd party pan tilt zoom devices.

Convert your analog system to IP

video surveillance

Embedded Web Server
Remote view and control your CCTV camera using a computer’s web browser in addition to the IP Video recorder software.

8 CH Hybrid  

Pentaplex Operations

Supports five simultaneous operations: local viewing, local recording, live treaming, remote playback/streaming, remote management

8 CH Hybrid Recording

4 CH CCTV & 4 CH IP Camera Video Server
NVS480RH Only


NVS480R System Features:

  • Pentaplex Operations: Local viewing, local recording, live streaming, Remote playback/streaming, remote management 
  • 4 Channel Analog Video Input
  • Dual Mode Streaming: Recording = Full, Network = Less
  • Full D1 720x480 Resolution with de-interlace filter
  • RS-485 Support for multiple Pan/Tilt/Zoom devices
  • Two-Way Audio Support
  • 2 Channel Relay Control
  • 4 Channel Sensor Input
  • Small Foot Print of 10" x 7"
  • MPEG-4 and JPEG Video compression
  • Per Channel configurable D1 Video Quality at 30 Frames Per Second
  • PPPoE Support
  • Optional 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB Built-in HDD
  • Free NVM1000 64 Channel Video and DVR Management Software

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» Dimensions


a. 241.3mm
b. 266.7mm
c. 50.8mm

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