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Key Features

Day and Night

H.264 & MJPEG Dual Codec Support


Multi-Profile Streaming


802.3af Power over Ethernet

More Features

CCTV Camera 12VDC Power Port


Small Form Factor


Synchronized Audio/Video and Two-Way Audio Communication


Event Driven Real-Time Notification


Embedded Streaming Web Server

The AirGoggle NVS460H is the all-in-one 1-channel high performance H.264 & Motion JPEG multi-codec audio video server for converting CCTV and analog A/V sources into digital video surveillance. The all new H.264 video compression technology is an open standard offering the most efficient video compression techniques available today. The Inscape Data H.264 IP video surveillance A/V server can reduce the size of a live digital video surveillance transmission by several factors more than Motion JPEG format and even more than MPEG-4 Part 2 standard. The reduction in network bandwidth and storage space means video transmission of greater picture quality is now possible utilizing the same network infrastructure. It also means much higher video quality can be streamed and archived for a given bit rate than Motion JPEG or MPEG-4. Inscape Data Corporation’s H.264 IP video surveillance solution simplifies wireless transmission of point to point or point to multipoint IP video surveillance.


The AirGoggle one-channel H.264 IP audio/video server offers full motion real time video encoding quality up to 720x480 D1 30 frames per second. High quality A/V are streamed and captured from the NVS460H with crisp and vivid details. Choose from NVM1000 free 64 channel video software or professional NVM2000 licensed network video recorder with analytics software to monitor, record, and playback of the video streams provided by the AirGoggle IP Video surveillance cameras. For analogue A/V audio output, the AirGoggle NVS470H H.264 decoder will covert Inscape Data H.264 IP video surveillance cameras and servers into compliant audio and video sources to use with CCTV monitors, DVR recording, access control, or 3rd party applications.


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Power over Ethernet Injector

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