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LinkPower™UPS1048 Outdoor 48V DC UPS Power System


LinkPower™ IEEE802.3bt, LPS940-T1 6-port & 2 Uplink Ports, Outdoor Unmanaged Gigabit PoE Switch Series


LinkPower™ IEEE802.3bt, LPS3400ATMP-300-T1 6-Port & 2 Uplink Ports Outdoor L2+ Managed High Power Gagabit PoE Switch

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News Release: LinkPower™ LPS3800ATM-T1 Outdoor PoE Switch Enduring Through

Hurricane Irma, Miami, FL.

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LinkPower™ LPS840AF-T1 Outdoor PoE Switch Installation

in Los Angeles Metropolitan

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Overview:   All-in-One (Built-in Power Supply) Outdoor IP68 & bt PoE+/PoE++ PoE Switch Solutions as shown below:

Cost Effective IP68 Outdoor Gigabit PoE Switch Solutions for WIFI, IP Video  Security, & Smart City Applications:




LinkPower™ LPS Outdoor PoE Switches are protected under several Inscape Data's U.S. Patents.


L2+ Managed


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Layer 2+

Layer 2+ Managed 26, 28 & 52 Port PoE Switch Series


Layer 3

Layer 3 Managed 36 & 52 Port PoE Switch Series

Outdoor PoE Switch Showcase

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Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps

Outdoor PoE Switch Solutions

LPS1000FE-T1 Unmanaged

LPS1000FE-T1 Managed

LPS6844-7844 LPS6844-7844

LPS6844ATM-T1 L2+ Outdoor Managed Gagabit PoE Switch with 10Gb Fiber Uplink

LPS7844ATM-T1 L3 Outdoor Managed Gagabit PoE Switch with 10Gb Fiber Uplink




Hi Power PoE Injector

All-in-One Outdoor Hi-Power 30W/60W/95W PoE Injector Series (Built-in Power Supply)

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SFP Fiber Optic Switch

Layer 2+ & 3 Managed 32 Port SFP Fiber Optic Switch Series

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Grounding, Surge Protection & Weatherproof Enclosure

While it is difficult to quantify lightning losses, industry experts estimate many millions of dollars worth of damages and losses occur each year.  Safeguarding your outdoor Ethernet based equipment with proper surge protection and weatherproof devices and by following industry standard grounding practice, will help to ensure years of trouble free operation.

» Click here to learn more about grounding, surge suppression / lightening protection & weatherproof enclosure.


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10/100/1000 Mbps SFP Copper Transceivers
1.25Gb SFP Transceivers


10Gb SFP Transceivers


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Exclusive from Inscape Data

PIS200 2-Port DC PoE Injector with Surge Suppressor

Supports DC Range: 12V ~ 48V on both PoE ports

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