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Solution for IP Security Surveillance

  1. As an integral component of numerous organizations' safety and security priorities, video surveillance has demonstrated its value and benefits numerous times by providing real-time monitoring of assets, property, environment and people. As security risks increase, the need to visually monitor and record events in the most remote areas becomes even greater. Moreover, the value of video surveillance has grown significantly with the advancement of high resolution megapixel video recording and video analytics. High quality megapixel H.264 video recording, combined with video analytics & intelligent sensors, bring forth the newest generation of powerful digital security systems for the 21st century. Integrated megapixel H.264 video, analytics, and sensors help authorities make better decisions and drastically improve response times.
  2. Inscape Data Corporation's total turnkey wireless video solutions unwire video surveillance and bring a new level of surveillance once too costly with wired solutions. Perimeter, parking lots, public safety, and traffic surveillance are just few of the many real-world solutions offered by Inscape Data Corporation.
  3. Inscape Data continues its leadership with the next generation SB3000/BR3000 wireless products to meet the growing demand environment of smartphone and IP video applications. With equipment maintenance cost high on the list of company expenses, the AirEtherTM 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO wireless systems are easy to install. When used with Inscape Data's LPS2000 or LPS series Outdoor Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch or commercial Outdoor PoE PIS1000 Injectors, the AirEther 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO products provide rugged reliable wireless interconnectivity of mission critical IP video surveillance and networking functionality.

Wireless System for CCTV Clients as Video Surveillance Solutions

pictureIn year 2005, we started our first wireless connectivity solution by deploying Inscape Data's AirEther IP67/68 Outdoor Wireless IP Video Surveillance system for fuel depot location where have been experiencing thefts and unauthorized vehicle access. Via installation of Inscape Data cost-effective wireless IP surveillance solutions, we have been able to save much money for customer. The quality viewing and recording system also allowed customer to apprehend unauthorized vehicles entering the depot, reduce on fuel and lubricant thefts.

As a security company base in Lusaka Zambia, we used to provide the public with CCTV surveillance systems only. After this first successful project, not only we would be able to expand business into wireless area. Since then, Inscape Data has been our only choice of Complete Outdoor Wireless and IP Video Surveillance solution.

What I like most about the AirEther series Access Points/Client Points is they are very simple to use. I appreciate the utility software is easy-for-use, and system is quick-to-install.

Most of all, Inscape system has been a very positive experience for me. It allows detailed videos, regardless of what time and day, to be viewed by the owners. The installation of the system was very quick and easy, with long range wireless signal coverage. The weatherproofing and construction is so impressive. The Inscape products are perfect for CCTV all-in-one units, including Power over Ethernet, all the necessary cables and mounting components, easy configuration. We have been very pleased with the performance of Inscape Data's products and services.


The leap into completely Inscape IP-based technology is the best decision for the bucks. It worth every cent in terms of monetary investment as well as security by far. Although digital surveillance can be done over a LAN network, the remote needs of monitoring on multiple locations (100 meters to 50 Kms), data-recording/back-up, and flexibility of equipment eplacement. In addition, you can

  • Cost effective or feasible when transmitting longer distances
  • Eliminates recurring costs such as monthly internet charges
  • Immediate installation
  • No permits required
  • No trenching
  • Can be mobile or temporary

All these reasons make TCP/IP transmittal of surveillance definitely a long-term solution.

We are very satisfied with Inscape Data's products and look forward to purchase and continue working with them in the future.

Naeem Jasat

Technical Manager at Magnum Security

Lusaka, Zambia

Security Video for Multi Tenant Complexes

pictureWe have been a distributor for Inscape Data Corp for less than a year and already have seen what this product can do for us and you. We have helped advise on technical issues and design systems at several different apartment complexes that are in California and their corporate office is in New Jersey. The Company is so impressed with Inscape Data's product that we are working on other apartment complexes with them, which are still in the design stages. We anticipate a long and prosperous future with Inscape Data Corp.

Nationwide Security Cameras

Live Automotive Traffic Recording with AirGoggle NVS 480R

pictureTraffic safety photo-enforcement is quickly spreading across the United States as results prove red-light and speed enforcement cameras are successful in reducing the number of crashes and injuries. A leading provider of photo-enforcement programs and technology uses the Inscape Data NVS480R network DVR as a live recording technology component of its system.

The Inscape Data NVS480R allows the company to:

  • Monitor all intersection enforced vehicle approaches
  • Records audible sirens and collisions
  • Validates right turn violations
  • Real-time viewing over the Internet
  • Saves all (24/7) digital video data and violation clips beyond 30 days
  • Records the action of any violating vehicle and all relevant circumstances
  • Easy network DVR playback function over the Internet by the user for review

"The system allows all video, regardless of a violation event, to be viewed by our client communities and in many cases, the traffic-law violators themselves," a representative from the public safety company said. "The high-quality system has also helped law-enforcement beyond enforcing traffic violations. It's also helped solve many crimes, including a shooting murder in Burlingame, California after the Police Department reviewed our video from a red-light camera in nearby Millbrae."

Inscape Data is pleased to be the leading source in rugged and robust digital IP Video recording system for the traffic violation, surveillance, and documentation industry. For more detailed information regarding the 480R, please contact an Inscape Data sales professional.

Inscape Data Corporation provides total turnkey wireless and IP video solution for the video security surveillance industry. The solution consists of four major product systems: Ruggedized video surveillance system, an outdoor wireless system, an outdoor PoE switch, and back office network systems. These solutions can be applied to security surveillance applications across all market segments.

  1. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    Inscape Data high-speed 5 GHz MIMO wireless multipoint bridge solution delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.
  2. Professional IP Video Camera and Management Solution
    Inscape Data turnkey IP video solution delivers HD quality video for surveillance across wired or wireless network better cost than any other.

Inscape Data offers a full suite of total turnkey solutions for implementing industrial wireless networks. The following solution guides provide essential guidelines for your network.

  1. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    A point-to-multipoint bridge network is used to bridge multiple remote base stations to a central base station. Unlike point to point backhaul network, the central base station total capacity is shared among all the remote base station and provides the most flexible deployment at the cost of capacity. For example, a central wireless base station connected with multiple remote wireless base stations. The following is an example of the point-to-multipoint network architecture.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint bridge network:

  2. Professional IP Video Camera and Management Solution
    Inscape Data turnkey IP video surveillance is used when a total video and audio surveillance solution is required in the project. Inscape Data IP video solution offers reliable indoor and outdoor surveillance hardware and intelligent video management software to meet the surveillance needs of the customer. An approach to add surveillance into your project starts with an assessment of installation location and fixed or pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera, or both are required. Among the fixed or PTZ cameras, other options are also available like infrared (IR), wide dynamic image sensor, day & night, standard definition or high definition to name a few.
    The following are examples of Inscape Data Corporation's IP video surveillance camera and video management solution: