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Solution for Industrial

  1. Industrial, outdoor, and harsh environments entail considerably wider temperature, humidity, and particulate variation than would indoor units. Extreme care should be exercised when choosing the right access point or bridge solutions for these types of application. Additional requirements may need to be considered like electrical surge, corrosion, and damage caused by heavy machinery or equipment. Historically industrial communication needs have been met by patchwork of wires and low bandwidth wireless links, but at a very high cost of trenching and very low data speed. Until now, Inscape Data 802.11n 300mbps and 600mbps solution catapults industrial wireless onto new heights.
  2. Designed to thrive in extreme industrial, outdoor, and harsh environments, Inscape Data Corporation's SB3000 and BR3000 802.11n access and bridge solutions delivers rugged wireless performance where it is needed, at the forefront of the most extreme environments. Inscape Data IP67 and IP68 rated enclosure system is the highest in the wireless industry. Matched with the anti-corrosion coating and weatherized connector system, no elements can disturb the wireless machine once it is up and running. Mining, oil-drilling, manufacturing, and construction sites can now take advantage of reliable high capacity wireless connectivity to increase productivity and to secure the premises all without wires.
  3. Inscape Data continues its leadership with the next generation SB3000/BR3000 wireless products to meet the growing demand environment of smartphone and IP video applications. With equipment maintenance cost high on the list of company expenses, the AirEtherTM 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO wireless systems are easy to install. When used with Inscape Data's LPS2000 or LPS series Outdoor Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch or commercial Outdoor PoE PIS1000 Injectors, the AirEther 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO products provide rugged reliable wireless interconnectivity of mission critical IP video surveillance and networking functionality.

Texas Steel Pipe Manufacturer Goes Wireless with Industrial Wireless IP Video

pictureSince 1993, Security One Solutions (S.O.S.) has provided reliable, dependable, and functional security services around the surrounding Houston, Texas communities. S.O.S works diligently to help home owners and businesses comprehend the safest possible environment through security integration. SOS provides innovative solutions - from analysis, design, installation, maintenance. Service after the sale has always been the top priority and goal of S.O.S says the co-owner Greg M. Ray.

Tubular Services LLC Houston, Texas is a leading industrial plant which heat treats and threads metal piping for the petroleum industry and contacted S.O.S to upgrade its facility to a Digital IP camera system by the President Rick Hickman. The Inscape Data wireless PTZ IP video cameras were installed to monitor the plant's production line, logistic entrance, and employee parking lots. The monitoring allows the plant's management to ensure safety procedures are followed along with productivity and improve quality control. The new deployment of the IP cameras furthermore allows the clients of Tubular Services LLC to view the facility with much sharper images than the older analog video through the links on their web site. The owners like the scalability of the PTZ cameras for their smooth operation and speed enabling precision controls with such high quality video that allow for details not previously seen. Preset Tours provide precise positioning for Tubular Services web viewers and the NVM2000 software allows only for viewing and negates PTZ control by design.

In the final stage of deployment 5 GHz wireless transmission frequencies were chosen to wirelessly network 8 Inscape Data outdoor NVC3026 pan tilt zoom IP camera. 5 GHz frequency provided the interference and latency free operation needed for the plant's heavily congested 2.4 GHz spectrum. Inscape Data's dual band 2.4 or 5 GHz SB54 radio met the challenge by offering 25mbps of throughput to and from each camera to the Network Video Recorder (NVR) providing future-proof scalable IP video wireless connectivity.

Inscape Data NVM2000 12 channel NVR software was chosen and offers many unique features. One of which is the computer work station Remote Desktop Viewing software. Each workstation was individually set up with user names and passwords so the desktop icon could be double clicked to stream all 10 cameras instantly with user name and password imbedded in to omit typing. The Remote desktop manages the whole system with its user-friendly interface viewing live video on local/ remote sites and to record video for playback and exporting in case of any potential need for video evidence.

The Plant, Production, and Quality control managers, has found this system and its ease of use far superior to the old analog system since all of the components of the Digital IP system has access from any computer in the plant.

Due to the great success of the wireless physical video security deployment at the current production plant, the owner & president gave the go ahead for S.O.S. to outfit their "J-Port" plant with wireless IP video. Since S.O.S. was able to provide high quality cost effective wireless IP video and network communications, Tubular Services added PC work stations in the plant. This helps tremendously with their communication efforts using email in production areas once not possible without a physical trip the corporate office, quite a task on a 30 acre facility.

In conclusion Tubular Services has hired a web consulting firm to reevaluate the web site and make its one of a kind production facility more transparent with the deployment of the new IP cameras. Private tours with new clients are not needed now. The extremely harsh environment and Texas heat with buildings reaching 108 degrees and or the mud from rain storms made these tours difficult. Not to mention the noise from a 33 foot section of pipe dropping on a steel rack, no more hard hats and ear plugs . They now instead stream the video of the production facility from the newly renovated conference room on a 40 inch Samsung LCD which is quite impressive. As a direct result of this project and intelligibility, Tubular Services has made many cosmetic improvements to the look of the plant and a safety video to insure their client's of the integrity in which they continue to operate.

Security One Solutions

Houston, Texas

Inscape Data Corporation provides rugged and reliable wireless connectivity and access solution for the industrial market. The connectivity and wireless access solution consists of three major product systems: an outdoor wireless system, an outdoor PoE switch, and back office network systems. These solutions can be applied to hospitality applications:

  1. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    Inscape Data high-speed 5 GHz MIMO wireless multipoint bridge solution delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.
  2. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    Inscape Data high-speed 2.4 and 5 GHz MIMO multipoint wireless broadband access delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link, client device dependent, distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.

Inscape Data offers a full suite of total turnkey solutions for implementing industrial wireless networks. The following solution guides provide essential guidelines for your network.

  1. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    A point-to-multipoint bridge network is used to bridge multiple remote base stations to a central base station. Unlike point to point backhaul network, the central base station total capacity is shared among all the remote base station and provides the most flexible deployment at the cost of capacity. For example, a central wireless base station connected with multiple remote wireless base stations. The following is an example of the point-to-multipoint network architecture.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint bridge network:

  2. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    A point-to-multipoint wireless broadband access network is used to provide WiFi connectivity to wireless mobile devices. Multiple base stations strategically installed at key locations creates a wireless cloud to maximize coverage to provide excellent mobility to wireless mobile users. User will be able to roam between base station and stay seamlessly connected. With millions of users switching to mobile computers and tablets driving up the demand, service providers and business organizations need to stay ahead and provide the wireless infrastructure needed to accommodate their customers.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint wireless broadband access network: