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Solution for Education

  1. The trend to digitize the classroom and provide students with access to vast array of learning tools online, drive the need for  higher-speed, more reliable Wi-Fi networks in schools, colleges, and higher learning campuses.
  2. With Inscape Data Corporati on's AirEther SB3000 Wi-Fi access and connectivity solutions, educational institutions gain consistent, reliable connectivity, wider coverage area, higher performance, lower maintenance, and secure wireless than any other Wi-Fi systems.  Built for rugged environments, Inscape Data AirEther wireless access solutions securely connect more laptops, ipads, tablets, and smart-phones reliably and securely for our next generation of digital classrooms.
  3. Inscape Data continues its leadership with the next generation SB3000/BR3000 wireless products to meet the growing demand environment of smartphone and IP video applications.  With equipment maintenance cost high on the list of company expenses, the AirEtherTM 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO wireless systems are easy to install. When used with Inscape Data's LinkPower Outdoor PoE Switches or LPS series Outdoor Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch or commercial Outdoor PoE PIS1000 Injectors, the AirEther 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO products provide rugged reliable wireless interconnectivity of mission critical IP video surveillance and networking functionality.

Access Control for the University of New Orleans Student Housing

pictureSince 1980, H&R Operator Services, Inc. has been providing their customers in the access control industry with unmatched service, and peerless knowledge and experience in perimeter access control, including gate operators, electronic locks, IP cameras, RFID, and asset tracking. With over 10,000 gate operators installed throughout the southeastern United States, their hard-earned reputation has been garnered through the quality of their work, as well as word-of-mouth from countless satisfied customers.

One of the University of New Orleans' goals is to provide resident students with the highest quality of living and learning environment at a reasonable cost. The housing areas boast state-of-the-art residence facilities, as well as video surveillance and secure card access to ensure safety. H&R Operators used Inscape Data's wireless bridges and Outdoor PoE Switches to replace and upgrade aging access control equipment at the edges of the housing facilities. Each of these locations had no network infrastructure, and the only power available was at each of the doors or gates. The flexibility of Inscape Data's equipment allowed H&R Operators to conform to the unique challenges provided by each job site. The rugged, 1P-67 and IP-68 weather-proofing allowed these units to be used in a gulf coast environment full of humidity, corrosion, extreme heat, lightning, and vandalism- normally very challenging elements for outdoor electronic equipment. Using the existing wired infrastructure network was impossible without a large capital outlay for conduit runs, but Inscape Data's products allowed connectivity to be had at a price that enabled the upgrade of a greater number of access control systems at one time. Future expansion is also made possible by the wireless infrastructure now in place, and IP video cameras can be easily added at a later date.

H&R Operator Services, Inc.

Pearland, Texas

To keep our class room thriving and update to date with the latest wireless connectivity infrastructure, Inscape Data Corporation offers our education institutions two major product solutions: outdoor wireless system, and outdoor PoE switch. These systems paired with existing back office network systems to provide the productivity needs of the class room and campuses.

  1. Point to Point Backhaul
    Inscape Data high-speed 5 GHz MIMO wireless backhaul solution delivers wire line speeds up to 300 mbps and up to 50 km link distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to point solution in the industry.
  2. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    Inscape Data high-speed 5 GHz MIMO wireless multipoint bridge solution delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.
  3. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    Inscape Data high-speed 2.4 and 5 GHz MIMO multipoint wireless broadband access delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link, client device dependent, distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.

Inscape Data offers a full suite of total turnkey solutions for implementing campus and classroom wireless data networks. The following solution guides provide essential guidelines for your network.

  1. Point to Point Backhaul
    A point-to-point network is used when you only have two locations to connect wirelessly. The antenna beam width is narrow and focused in nature and provides the best overall performance. For example, one wireless central base station connected to one remote base station. Point to Point backhaul network provides the most capacity and fastest network speed to other wireless topologies.

    The following is an example of a point to point backhaul network:

  2. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    A point-to-multipoint bridge network is used to bridge multiple remote base stations to a central base station. Unlike point to point backhaul network, the central base station total capacity is shared among all the remote base station and provides the most flexible deployment at the cost of capacity. For example, a central wireless base station connected with multiple remote wireless base stations. The following is an example of the point-to-multipoint network architecture.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint bridge network:

  3. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    A point-to-multipoint wireless broadband access network is used to provide WiFi connectivity to wireless mobile devices. Multiple base stations strategically installed at key locations creates a wireless cloud to maximize coverage to provide excellent mobility to wireless mobile users. User will be able to roam between base station and stay seamlessly connected. With millions of users switching to mobile computers and tablets driving up the demand, service providers and business organizations need to stay ahead and provide the wireless infrastructure needed to accommodate their customers.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint wireless broadband access network:


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