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Solution for Enterprise

  1. Having secure and reliable Wi-Fi for the enterprise users is crucial to maintain workplace productivity and business activities. Unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performance are all common symptoms of an incorrect or bad Wi-Fi solution. The enterprise power users demand better coverage, capacity, reliability, and secure roaming, in a Wi-Fi solution that is affordable, easy to deploy, and manage.
  2. The Inscape Data AirEther SB3000 meet the challenges of the enterprise users by delivering up to 600 mbps of aggregate data speed and extended coverage range penetrating office walls, warehouse divisions, and reach to outdoor meeting areas. The capability to install the products outdoor open up enterprise user smart phone connectivity to further increase productivity and lower 3G/4G mobile phone data cost. The Inscape Data SB3000 products rugged design protects the product of environmental factors like moisture, dust, pests, and extreme temperature that usually bring down a not-so-robust Wi-Fi network system. More enterprise IT departments select Inscape Data Wi-FI solutions to leverage against our superior product design and expertise to keep the enterprise users with always reliable and available Wi-FI connectivity.
  3. Inscape Data continues its leadership with the next generation SB3000/BR3000 wireless products to meet the growing demand environment of smartphone and IP video applications. With equipment maintenance cost high on the list of company expenses, the AirEtherTM 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO wireless systems are easy to install. When used with Inscape Data's LPS2000 or LPS series Outdoor Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch or commercial Outdoor PoE PIS1000 Injectors, the AirEther 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO products provide rugged reliable wireless interconnectivity of mission critical IP video surveillance and networking functionality.
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Inscape Data Corporation provides cost effective secure and reliable wireless access solution for demanding enterprise users. Our enterprise solution consists of three major product systems: an outdoor wireless system, an outdoor PoE switch, and back office network systems. These solutions can be applied to enterprise class applications:

  1. Point to Point Backhaul
    Inscape Data high-speed 5 GHz MIMO wireless backhaul solution delivers wire line speeds up to 300 mbps and up to 50 km link distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to point solution in the industry.
  2. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    Inscape Data high-speed 2.4 and 5 GHz MIMO multipoint wireless broadband access delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link, client device dependent, distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.

Inscape Data offers a full suite of total turnkey solutions for implementing enterprise wireless data networks. The following solution guides provide essential guidelines for your network.

  1. Point to Point Backhaul
    A point-to-point network is used when you only have two locations to connect wirelessly. The antenna beam width is narrow and focused in nature and provides the best overall performance. For example, one wireless central base station connected to one remote base station. Point to Point backhaul network provides the most capacity and fastest network speed to other wireless topologies.

    The following is an example of a point to point backhaul network:

  2. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    A point-to-multipoint wireless broadband access network is used to provide WiFi connectivity to wireless mobile devices. Multiple base stations strategically installed at key locations creates a wireless cloud to maximize coverage to provide excellent mobility to wireless mobile users. User will be able to roam between base station and stay seamlessly connected. With millions of users switching to mobile computers and tablets driving up the demand, service providers and business organizations need to stay ahead and provide the wireless infrastructure needed to accommodate their customers.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint wireless broadband access network: