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Solution for Hospitality

  1. Internet access is no longer just another amenity at the hotels, it is a necessity for travelers and alike.  A definite requirement for hosting business events.  Hospitality establishments aiming to maximize profits are doing as such by providing 3G/4G offloading of smart phones and remote office connectivity for business men and women.  In addition to providing guest with wireless internet connectivity, hotel can offload many pertinent operational aspects of the business onto the Wi-Fi network.
  2. With Inscape Data SB3000 access solutions, hotels will need less access point per deployment due to stronger Wi-Fi signals and high performance connectivity which allows the hotel to offer high level of service by using mobile Wi-Fi devices to securely access reservation and administration tools from anywhere on the property.  Wireless point of sale (POS) systems allows the hotel to offer pool side and offsite accommodation and services efficiently with onsite transactions and order taking  Wireless valet parking system, guest Wi-Fi anywhere including pool or beach side connectivity, and host of applications increase value and guest retention of the hotel property.
  3. Inscape Data continues its leadership with the next generation SB3000/BR3000 wireless products to meet the growing demand environment of smartphone and IP video applications.  With equipment maintenance cost high on the list of company expenses, the AirEtherTM 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO wireless systems are easy to install. When used with Inscape Data's LPS2000 or LPS series Outdoor Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch or commercial Outdoor PoE PIS1000 Injectors, the AirEther 802.11a/b/g/n MIMO products provide rugged reliable wireless interconnectivity of mission critical IP video surveillance and networking functionality.

Wireless Video Surveillance System for Kamaole Sands Resort

pictureKamaole Sands is a luxury condominium resort located in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. The property spans 15 acres and contains 440 condo units that are surrounded by lush tropical gardens and trees. In early 2009, the Association's Board of Directors approved a study to investigate the feasibility of adding video surveillance cameras at the 3 entrances (two of the entrances are gated with controlled access) to the property. What created the need for the study was the South entrance gate was damaged by a hit-and-run driver and the North entrance gate had numerous intruders climbing the fence/gate to get onto the property. The study focused on three areas, 1) determine camera site locations for best overall surveillance coverage of the property, 2) determine wireless link margins needed due to 4-story concrete buildings and numerous, mature trees, 3) cameras and radio equipment must withstand the local environment of constant salt air being near the ocean, and finally 4) to recommend a vendor with a cost effective, reliable video surveillance system which met our performance requirements. Inscape Data was selected for their lower system costs, high performance wireless PTZ IP cameras, and for their advanced NVM2000 video software.

With our video surveillance project operational for nearly a year, the Security Team has been very impressed with the fast, efficient patrolling capability found on Inscape Data's NVM2000 software. All 3 cameras patrol their own preset areas, such as, vehicle and pedestrian entrances, parking lots, BBQ areas, and the Lobby entrance and constantly video record the entire peripheral of the property every 2-3 minutes. With video recording set for 24/7, the Security Team utilizes the intelligent video playback search which greatly reduces the amount of time viewing recorded videos. The video surveillance system has documented a number of property incidents. For instance, there was a complaint that a guard was constantly informing a wedding party that was staying at the resort about the property rules. His report and the surveillance video recording clearly and accurately documented as to what had happen. Other instances caught on surveillance cameras included guests riding motor scooters on the courtyard sidewalks, trespassers with dogs and skate boards, etc. With this kind of video surveillance system, Security can adapt to the ever changing problems and situations and have video documentation as proof of property incidents. The NVC910 cameras and the NVM2000 program are excellent tools for our Security Team and the Kamaole Sands property. Mahalo to Inscape Data for their cameras, radios, and software products!

Kamaole Sands Resort

Kihei, Hawaii

Hotel Hot Spot Project with SB54

pictureI have a customer very pleased with your product. Glen at Dataflow installed 2 of the SB54's to create a hot spot for a hotel on Ormond Beach; he mounted them 200' from the building and it covered all the rooms in the front and back of the hotel penetrating through walls and windows. He tried another product first with no success and he is now selling the Inscape Data units at all of his hotel applications and confident in its ability to produce at a high level. It is comforting for me as a distributor to be able to rely on your product both with application and support.thank you!

Derek Bonner

Outside Sales Manager at A1 Security Supply

Inscape Data Corporation provides cost effective mobile wireless access solution for the hospitality industry. The wireless access solution consists of three major product systems: an outdoor wireless system, an outdoor PoE switch, and back office network systems. These solutions can be applied to hospitality applications:

  1. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    Inscape Data high-speed 5 GHz MIMO wireless multipoint bridge solution delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.
  2. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    Inscape Data high-speed 2.4 and 5 GHz MIMO multipoint wireless broadband access delivers aggregate wire line speeds up to 600 mbps and up to 50 km link, client device dependent, distance for the most cost effective and reliable point to multipoint solution in the industry.

Inscape Data offers a full suite of total turnkey solutions for implementing hospitality wireless data networks. The following solution guides provide essential guidelines for your network.

  1. Point to Multipoint Bridge
    A point-to-multipoint bridge network is used to bridge multiple remote base stations to a central base station. Unlike point to point backhaul network, the central base station total capacity is shared among all the remote base station and provides the most flexible deployment at the cost of capacity. For example, a central wireless base station connected with multiple remote wireless base stations. The following is an example of the point-to-multipoint network architecture.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint bridge network:

  2. Point to Multipoint Wireless Broadband Access
    A point-to-multipoint wireless broadband access network is used to provide WiFi connectivity to wireless mobile devices. Multiple base stations strategically installed at key locations creates a wireless cloud to maximize coverage to provide excellent mobility to wireless mobile users. User will be able to roam between base station and stay seamlessly connected. With millions of users switching to mobile computers and tablets driving up the demand, service providers and business organizations need to stay ahead and provide the wireless infrastructure needed to accommodate their customers.

    The following is an example of a point to multipoint wireless broadband access network: