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Datasheet Application Note

Key Features

Day and Night

H.264 & MJPEG Dual Codec Support


Multi-Profile Streaming


IR Compatible Day and Night Operation

More Features

Automatic Continuous Scan, Tour, and Pattern Operation


Simultaneous IP and CCTV Video Operation


Intelligent Full Featured Pan Tilt Zoom and Programming



High Speed Pam/Tilt Operation

Integrated Sensor, Alarm, and Relay Ports


Power over Ethernet

AirGoggle NVC1000H Series H.264 Indoor IP Speed Dome Video Camera uses a dual codec supporting H.264 & Motion JPEG digital video compression standards. With full D1 720x480 H.264 video resolution and efficient network real-time streaming, the NVC1000H series PTZ speed dome IP video camera provides high quality digital video without the high demand of network bandwidth. Standard features sets of the NVC1000H include selectable ADPCM audio, event-driven recording video motion detection or quad external sensor inputs, pan / tilt / zoom to 165 preset location, and integrated IP video web server. In addition, the NVC1036WDH model is designed with a Pixim CMOS WDR Image Sensor for viewing in extreme lighting situations and more clearly in darkness, and it provides excellent resolution and color accuracy allows better object and person identification.


The AirGoggle NVC1000H cameras are offered in six packages, including 27X, 33X, 36X or 37X optical zoom lens, filter changeable day & night, or wide dynamic digital imaging optics. The rugged mechanical design, along with a host of convenient features, makes the high-performance AirGoggle NVC1000H series cameras ideal for professional security surveillance applications.




Mounting Specifications

The following table shows the parts to include when using each specific mounting method.

Wall Mounting

Wall Mounting with Junction Box

Wall Mounting


Junction Box & Wiring Kit (1)

Pole Mounting

Corner Mounting

Embedded Mounting (2)

Ceiling Mounting


Indoor Wall Bracket Kit


Indoor Wall Bracket Kit



Junction Box


Indoor Wall Bracket Kit



Junction Box with PCB and Cable


Indoor Wall Bracket Kit


Outdoor Pole Mount Adaptor


Indoor Wall Bracket Kit


Outdoor Pole Mount Adaptor

Indoor Embedded Mount Bracket


Indoor Ceiling Bracket Kit

(1) Wiring kit junction box for Ethernet, Power, Relay, I/O Port, RS485

(2) Using the embedded mount to hide camera body and show glass dome bubble only



a. 128mm
b. 203mm
c. 121.7mm

d. 147mm

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