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LinkPower1000 All Weather Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch - 3KV Network Port Surge Protection -40~ +75°C Working Temperature IP68 Outdoor Compliant

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Inscape Data's LinkPower™ LPS1000 All Weather Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch is the industry's first outdoor five-port Ethernet Switch with an adjustable voltage feature. Based on Inscape Data's patent-protected technology, the LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch offers four voltage levels, which enables a wide range of outdoor network and security applications and significantly reduces the complexity of outdoor network installation, integration and ongoing network maintenance.


The LPS1000 PoE Switch offers local power level configurations. Locally, each LPS1000 port is designed with a simple, easy-to-use push button for power level configuration. Remote monitoring over the internet can be achieved using a common internet web browser. The adjustable voltage and other dynamic features, including remote web browser PoE, remote device power cycle, heartbeat monitor and individual port troubleshooting capabilities, make the LinkPower LPS1000 the industry's most effective and robust outdoor PoE Switch.


The LPS1000 All Weather Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch is based on Inscape Data's patent-protected proprietary technologies. Inscape Data solely reserves its intellectual property rights to enforce protection of its intellectual property worldwide.

Key Features


Remote PD Power Cycle
Remotely Turn Power On and Off PoE Device Connected to the LPS1000

All Weather Enclosure*
IP68 Compliant Rating And Water Tight Connectors Based On Patent Pending Technology


* When used with the included watertight connector kit

Independent Port Voltage Adjustment
Adjustable DC Voltage With PoE Voltage Of 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, And IEEE 802.3af Compatible

Heartbeat Monitor

Monitor the System at a Regular Interval,
Reboot Automatically When the System Fails



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Application Notes


Application Example
Port 1: 0 VDC, Local Access Port
Port 2: 12 VDC, PTZ IP Camera
Port 3: 24 VDC, Fixed IP Camera
Port 4: 48 VDC, Access Point AP
Port 5: 802.3af, Wireless Bridge

System Configuration

sys config


Optional Connector Configuration

dimension drawing LPS1000-2000-3000-connectors


Connector Kit

Power & Fiber

Connector Kit

Power & Ethernet

Conduit Kit




Standard Accessories

Power & Fiber Connector Kit

Power and Fiber Connector Kit

Ethernet Connector Kit

Ethernet Connector Kit

Power & Ethernet Conduit Kit


Wall Mounting Kit


Power and Ethernet Condult Kit


AC Power Cable Kit

AC Power Cable Kit

DC Power Cable Kit

DC Power Cable Kit

Optional Accessories


Mast Mounting Kit


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