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APC1024 APC1048

APC1024 24V

Active to Passive PoE Converter

APC1048 48V

Active to Passive PoE Converter


Inscape Data’s APC1024 and APC1048, Active (802.3af/at) to Passive PoE Converters, are the industry-first products that provide the PoE conversion feature from the standard IEEE802.3af/at to passive PoE 24V 0.5Amp or 48V 0.3Amp output.  The APC1024 and APC1048 work exceptionally well with all of Inscape Data' s popular LinkPower™ PoE switches. Notably, the APC1024 and APC1048 offer the instant solution and convenience to system integrators and installers when they try to connect one or multiple PoE ports of the standard to non-standard PoE, i.e., passive, network devices.   All of Inscape Data's outdoor PoE switches, i.e., T1 models, have an internal space, i.e., hotel space, that offers the space for the installation of the converters.   Please refer to the specifications below for each of the converters:

model table


Key Features

Datasheet Download

• Instant converter and supply 24V 12W or 48V 25W DC to  passive PoE network devices

• Two 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45 ports and each with an LED indicator

• Support network port, 15kV lightning-proof power input port (the secondary lightning protection)

• A 24V DC Jack available for direct DC output

• External LEDs - Highly Visible LED Indicator for both standard 802.3af/at input and passive PoE power output

APC1024 / 1048 Datasheet

Product Dimensions



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