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Inscape Data’s LinkPower™  PL3 Series includes three two models of high performance of Layer 3 36-port and 52-port Managed PoE Managed PoE switches ideal for enterprise high power PoE switches:

Model Name




Layer 3

Layer 3

Port Interface

Total 36 Ports including
24 Gigabit 802.3af/at PoE Ports
8 Gigabit SFP Ports
4 10Gb SFP Ports

Total 52 Ports including
48 Gigabit 802.3af/at PoE Ports
4 10Gb SFP Ports

Total System Power



Fiber Ports

8 1Gb SFP, 4 10Gb SFP+, Mode Operations: Single/Multimode, Single/Dual Fiber LC

4 10Gb SFP+, Mode Operations: Single/Multimode, Single/Dual Fiber LC

Optical Fiber Cable

Multimode:850nm 0~550M ,Single mode:1310nm 0~40KM,1550nm 0~120KM.

Switching Capacity, Non-Blocking



 MAC Address Table Size



Packet Forwarding Rate, Memory Buffer

107Mpps @ 64byts, 32MB

131Mpps @ 64byts, 32MB

Port Lightning Protection

6KV 8/20us; Protection Level: IP30


3 Years

The LinkPower™  PL3 Series of 36 and 52 port managed PoE switches can expand the long-range flexibility of enterprise network and adapt to fast changing environments. With organization grows, the needs of enterprises business will continue to increase.  So, it is wise to deploy 26 to 48 port managed PoE Gigabit switch which can respond to your dynamic business demands.

Key Benefits

  1. Can be configured and it can prioritize LAN traffic to make the most important data get through as compared to other unmanaged 48 port switch is a plug and play device which can not be configured or analyze the data traffic.
  2. An unused port on either of the 36 and 52 port managed PoE switches can be disable or even employ MAC address filtering so as not to allow unauthorized users or devices to access the network by plugging in. This can ensure safe network connections.
  3. The major advantage of LinkPower™ PL3 Series of 36 and 52 port managed PoE switches is the failover redundancy which helps to achieve less network downtime.

Key Features

  • From 24 to 48 10/100/1000M RJ45 (PoE1-48) Ports + 4x 10G SFP+ Ports
  • Support L3 Switching features, including Static route, Default route, ARP, VLAN, TRUNK, Mirroring, Port isolation/flow control/speed limit, Storm control, QOS, ACLs etc.
  • Support spanning tree STP, RSTP and MSTP.
  • Jumbo frames support up to 9.6K kilobytes
  • Support enhanced management through WEB, CLI, TELNET, SNMP
  • Support cable diagnosis
  • From 24 to 48 PoE ports compliant with both IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at and allow security, QoS, and PoE configuration on each PoE port

The LinkPower™  PL3 Series of 24 and 48 port managed PoE switches can support multiple PoE network devices.  In the following example, an SMB has two office buildings located 100 meters from each other, and each building has a server rack. The first office has 20 VoIP phones, 10 IP cameras, 10 IP access points and 40 computers, while the another building has double the number of devices. Now we will need not only 48 port PoE switch but also 48 port Ethernet switch in the access layer.

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