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Grounding and Equipment Protection

The proper use of surge suppressors, lightening arrestors, and weatherproof enclosures are critical protection measures for all outdoor switches, wireless and IP video devices. Inscape Data Corporation offers a complete line of cost effective Power over Ethernet (PoE), Surge Suppressors, Lightening Arrestors, weather proof products (IP67/68). Many outdoor products such as wireless broadband radios to IP digital video cameras are often times surged unprotected. Outdoor Ethernet based equipment suffering surge related damages add up to significant maintenance and camera replacement cost, due in part, to premature equipment mortality from water damage, lightning and/or electrical surges. While it is difficult to quantify lightning losses or water damage, industry experts estimate many millions of dollars worth of damages and losses occur each year. Safeguarding your outdoor Ethernet based equipment with proper surge protection devices and by following industry standard grounding practice, will help to ensure years of trouble free operation.

grounding Grounding and Surge Protection


Weatherproof Standard Document

Reasons for Grounding, Surge Protection & Weatherproof Enclosure:

     •    To protect equipment and investment

     •    To increase the life time of the equipment

     •    To lower the probability of service calls and/or operation failures



Illustration of Grounding, Surge Protection & Lightening Protection

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