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September 2009
F E A T U R E D    P R O D U C T S
New IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet Box and Dome IP Video Products

Inscape Data Corporation, the Leader in Wireless and IP Video Systems, launches four new IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet IP video cameras.  The new IEEE802.3af PoE feature offers cost savings, ease of installation, deployment flexibility, and increase reliability for the physical security market.  The IEEE802.3af PoE is supported by using the PIA100 Injector and the LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage 5-Port PoE Switch.

Cost Savings

Eliminate the creation and maintenance of power infrastructures such as cords, outlets, and conduits.  Cost savings associated with the need to subcontract expensive high voltage electricians is also eliminated.


Easy to Install

PoE requires one set of wires to the IP camera.  802.3af technology automatically adjust PoE voltage to meet cable and length requirements which users greatly benefit from this simplified installation concept.


Deployment Flexibility

Since PoE IP video camera may be deployed up to hundreds of feet away from AC outlets, the location flexibility simplifies cabling layout and power restrictions.  IP cameras can be located in more secured locations to avoid intentional tampering.



PoE architecture allows centralized power management by managing the power injectors to an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system. By attaching a battery backup system to the power injectors, the PoE IP video camera is guaranteed power even when there is a main power failure.


The AirGoggle NVC210R2, NVC210WD, NVC300R2, and NVC300WD boast Inscape Data user friendly web graphical user interface and now offers integrated microphone for synchronized audio and video surveillance.  The audio feature maybe disabled upon user setup.  The Inscape Data NVC210WD and NVC300WD cameras are designed with true digital performance throughout the entire real-time encoding process from the moment images enter the lens to the encoded images across the network.  The following table reflects the added advantage of Inscape Data WD tier of cameras compared to the industries IP camera offering.

Specifications Others Inscape Data WD
Pixel Technology Analog Digital Pixel System (DPS)
True Digital Format No Yes
Signal to Noise Good Excellent
Low Light Sensitivity Good Excellent
A/D Required Before Recording Yes No

Inscape Data's WD tier of IP cameras tackles backlight and glare issues by dynamically compensating contrast to deliver crisp and vivid color video images for the video surveillance industry.  To inquire more about the new 802.3af PoE IP cameras and other products by Inscape Data, please contact an Inscape Data channel partner or by e-mail,
U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

ASIS 2009
ASIS 2009

September 21 ~ 24
Anaheim, California
Visit Us at Booth# 474
In this upcoming ASIS tradeshow, Inscape Data will showcase the LinkPower LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch with an array of wireless and IP camera products to demonstrate the benefits of the outdoor PoE switch installation.  Please come and view this live demo at booth #474 or schedule a private demo presentation by e-mail,

The next ebriefing will be available by October 5, 2009.  Inscape Data's marketing team always welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we thank you again for your patronage.
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Inscape Data Corporation was founded in September 2003. Inscape Data is the industry leader in long range wireless and IP based video surveillance systems. The company offers total turnkey solutions based on a full suite of products lines, including the AirEtherTM long range Wireless Systems, based on the IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards with IP67 and IP68-certified all-weather outdoor enclosure, a broad selection of 2.4GHz and 5GHz antenna, and the AirGoggleTM Network Video Security Systems
based on MPEG-4 video compression standards.

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