September 5, 2008
Issue: 011
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The ebriefing is a monthly online publication from Inscape Data Corporation. This monthly publication presents all the first hand information about Inscape Data including upcoming tradeshows, roadshows, new products, new software releases, and a monthly featured product and applications.
New Products:  Wide Dynamic Range IP Video Cameras       
In October, Inscape Data will release a new tier of IP box and dome cameras based on Pixim's Digital Pixel System (DPS) imaging sensors.  Inscape Data's NVC210WD and NVC300WD cameras are designed with true digital performance throughout the entire real-time encoding process from the moment images entering into the lens to the encoded images across the network.  The following table reflects the added advantage of Inscape Data WD tier of cameras compared to the industries IP camera offering.
               NVC 210                         300
                         NVC210WD                                 NVC300WD



Others Vendors

Inscape Data WD 

Pixel Technology


Digital Pixel System (DPS)

True Digital Format



Signal to Noise



Low Light Sensitivity



A/D required before encoding




The new WD tier of IP cameras tackles backlight and glare issues by dynamically compensating contrast to deliver crisp and vivid color video images for the video surveillance industry.  To inquire more about WD tier IP cameras and other products by Inscape Data, please contact an Inscape Data channel partner.

Inscape Data Corporation is in the forefront of technology and innovation in wireless and IP video products.  For more detailed information including purchasing information, please contact your Inscape Data authorized reseller and distributor.  For information to become an Inscape Data premiere reseller partner, please visit our website at 

Upcoming Events
Hutton Expo 08
Inscape Data is continuously participating Hutton's roadshows. In this upcoming Hutton's roadshow, Hutton Communication HCX 08 will feature speakers from some of the premier wireless suppliers in the market.  This year the topic will includes: point-to-point systems, point-to-multipoint systems, in-building systems and many more.  Please see the following for dates and location for Hutton HCX 08.  Inscape Data cordially invites you to visit the show and see our total turnkey solutions and live demo. 
September 9-10                                   September 18-19
Renaissance Glendale (Phoenix)        Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
9495 W. Coyotes Blvd.                         2100 W End Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85305                             Nashville, TN 37203

ASIS International 2008
Annual Seminar and Exhibits
September 15-18, 2008
Atlanta, Georgia
Booth # 3146
Inscape Data is proudly to become a participant at this year's ASIS International.  Inscape Data will showcase its newest product, the LPS1000 Outdoor Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch based on Inscape Data's patent pending technology.  Also, at ASIS, you will learn about new trends, explore emerging technology, seek hands on solutions and network with fellow practitioners and industry leaders.  Inscape Data cordially invites you to visit the show and see our total turnkey solutions and live demo.
MGM Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada
Booth # 148 
Inscape Data is expanding its marketing efforts into the BICSI show in 2008. BICSI serves more than 24,000 ITS professionals, including designers, installers and technicians. These individuals provide the fundamental infrastructure for telecommunications, audio/video, life safety and automation systems. We strongly believe that Inscape Data will bring great benefits to the BICSI event and offer training and experience in the integrated long range wireless and IP video to the BICSI member. Inscape Data cordially invites you to visit the show.
The next ebriefing will be available by October 5,  2008.  Inscape Data's marketing team always welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we thank you again for your patronage.

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