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AirGoggleTM NVC360S All Weather Vandal Proof IP Video Camera with IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet


 Inscape Data Corporation, the leader in outdoor network appliances launches new all weather vandal proof 802.3af Power Over Ethernet IP video cameras.  The new AirGoggle NVC360S complements Inscape Data Corporation's current IP video camera and server line and offers customer total turn-key solution, ease of installation, deployment flexibility, and increase reliability for the physical security market.

Total Turn-Key Solution

The all-in-one IP video camera turn-key design includes day/night, 2-way audio surveillance, integrated web server, composite video out, and video management software are few of the many features all-inclusive on the NVC360S all weather vandal proof camera.


Easy to Install

PoE feature of the NVC360S requires one set of wires to the IP camera.  802.3af technology automatically adjust PoE voltage to meet cable and length requirements which users greatly benefit from this simplified installation concept.


Deployment Flexibility

The NVC360S is available with optional wall, pole, ceiling mount, and conduit compatible bracket and mount accessories allowing deployment flexibility.  When the combine use of PoE, the location flexibility simplifies cabling layout and power restrictions.  IP cameras can be located in more secured locations to avoid intentional tampering.



The all weather vandal proof design is perfectly adapted for harsh environments.  The camera operates in -40C to 50C temperature range and boast an IP66 all weather rating.  This camera is perfect for public and outdoor applications where ruggedness and reliability is top priority.


The AirGoggle NVC360S boast user friendly web graphical user interface and is compatible with current Inscape Data Corporation's IP video or wireless IP video total turn-key solution package.  To inquire more about the new NVC360S all weather vandal proof power over Ethernet camera and other products by Inscape Data, please contact an Inscape Data channel partner or by e-mail:
The next ebriefing will be available by November 5, 2009.  Inscape Data's marketing team always welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we thank you again for your patronage.
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Inscape Data Corporation is the leading outdoor network appliance company.  Since it was founded in 2003, Inscape Data has been pioneering the design and development of the outdoor network appliance products, i.e., Outdoor PoE switch, long-range outdoor wireless communication, and IP Video surveillance systems.  Inscape Data offers total turnkey solutions for outdoor PoE, long-range outdoor 2.4GHz, 4.9GHz, 5GHz, and IP-based video applications, including IP67/68 (Ingress Protection) -compliant all-weather IEEE802.11 a/b/g wireless systems, an Outdoor PoE Switch, and IP video security products based on MPEG-4 / JPEG video compression standards. Inscape Data's patent-pending technology drives our industry-leading outdoor PoE switch, which simplifies outdoor wiring and integration. Our innovative PoE switch greatly reduces the challenges and overhead involved in the daily management of outdoor wireless and IP video security systems.