March 5, 2008
Issue: 005
A Monthly Publication of Inscape Data Corporation

The ebriefing is a monthly online publication from Inscape Data Corporation. This monthly publication presents all the first hand information about Inscape Data including upcoming tradeshows, roadshows, new products, new software releases, and a monthly featured product and applications.
Featured Product        

AirEther AB54 / AB54E Multimode Access Point

   AirEther AB54            AirEther AB54E
The AirEther AB54 and AB54E Outdoor, Wireless Multimode Access Point is capable of operating in one of the four different modes, namely 1. Access Point, 2. Wireless Bridge, 3. Repeater, or 4. Client Bridge.  The AB54 and AB54E are manufactured with an IP67 rated weatherproof enclosure and are very cost effectie, and the products offer robust and extensive outdoor wireless coverage. The AB54 / AB54E products are easy to use and ideal for outdoor long range wireless applications
 in a point-to-point and point-to-multiple point topology.

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Upcoming Events

Cebit                         March 4 ~ 9, 2008
The CeBIT show is the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments. Inscape Data will participate in this international renowned tradeshow and present company's best products and technologies to hundred thousands of visitors during this 6-day event.  The CeBIT show will attract hundred thousands of visitors around the world including users from industry, the wholesale/retail sector, skilled trades, banks, the services sector, government agencies, science and all users passionate about technology.

ISC WEST                            April 2 ~ 4, 2008

Industry professionals rate ISC WEST the best security event in the nation. That is why over 26,000 security professionals, including dealers and installers, integrators and distributors come to Las Vegas and discover thousands of the latest products and cutting-edge technologies. Find the most relevant security applications that will drive your sales and grow your business. Put yourself at the center of the security universe and find out what's hot today, and how to prepare for tomorrow.

SecuTech    April 16 ~ 18, 2008
SecuTech has an annual array of the latest products and solutions from top makers, right when they are released during the first quarter of the year. Visitors can see the latest innovations from a wide range of product categories, including IP surveillance, video analytics, biometrics, mobile security and hybrid solutions.

The next ebriefing will be available by March 5,  2008.  Inscape Data's marketing team always welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we thank you again for your patronage.

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Inscape Data Corporation was founded in September 2003. Inscape Data is the industry leader in long range wireless and IP based video surveillance systems. The company offers total turnkey solutions based on a full suite of products lines, including the
AirEtherTM long range Wireless Systems, based on the IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards with IP67 and IP68-certified all-weather outdoor enclosure, a broad selection of 2.4GHz and 5GHz antenna, and the AirGoggleTM Network Video Security Systems based on MPEG-4 video compression standards.
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