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Issue No. 18

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The Leader in Wireless and IP Video Systems

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April 2009
Dual Band Wireless Video Cameras NWC Series

NWC210               NWC800

The leader in wireless and IP video systems, Inscape Data Corporation, is proud of offering the following cost effective professional dual band wireless video camera systems to security markets worldwide.

All of the wireless video camera products share the following three product benefits:
  1. Dual Band Radio - Offering most flexible frequency usage with 500mW peak transmit power, switching to 5GHz band if interference makes 2.4GHz band unuseable
  2. Proven Cost Effective Products - Complete cost effective wireless and IP video day/night camera systems ready for outdoor deployment and installation
  3. Secure Video Transmission - Secure video transmission over wireless links by the secure MAC layer access control (ACL) and WPA2 with AES encryption (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) security and  point to point wireless bridge
  4. All Weather Enclosures - Designed for all weather outdoor applications based on the IP66 camera and IP67 compliant enclosures.

View complete NWC series at

Upcoming Events

SecuTech 2009
April 22 ~ 24
World Trade Center Taipei, Taiwan
Inscape Data will be participating at this 2009 SecuTech show and will debut the AirEther SB54/SC54 at the show for the first time.  Inscape Data cordially invites you to visit the show and see our total turnkey solutions and live demo

IFSEC 2009
May 11 ~ 14
NEC Birmingham, United Kingdom
Also, continuous from 2008, Inscape Data will be participating at this 2009 IFSEC tradeshow and will showcase the AirEther SB54/SC54 to European and other international customers.  Inscape Data cordially invites you to visit the show and see our total turnkey solutions and live demo

The next ebriefing will be available by May 5, 2009.  Inscape Data's marketing team always welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we thank you again for your patronage.
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Dual Band Wireless Video Cameras
Upcoming Events
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Inscape Data Corporation was founded in September 2003. Inscape Data is the industry leader in long range wireless and IP based video surveillance systems. The company offers total turnkey solutions based on a full suite of products lines, including the AirEtherTM long range Wireless Systems, based on the IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards with IP67 and IP68-certified all-weather outdoor enclosure, a broad selection of 2.4GHz and 5GHz antenna, and the AirGoggleTM Network Video Security Systems
based on MPEG-4 video compression standards.

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