April 5, 2008
Issue: 006
A Monthly Publication of Inscape Data Corporation

The ebriefing is a monthly online publication from Inscape Data Corporation. This monthly publication presents all the first hand information about Inscape Data including upcoming tradeshows, roadshows, new products, new software releases, and a monthly featured product and applications.

Feature Product 

LinkPower ™ LPS1000                
Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch
Building _120Inscape Data is proud to announce the LinkPower LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch, and this new product is an unique and powerful outdoor 5-port Ethernet Switch with an adjustable voltage feature.  Based on the patent pending technology, the LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch offers four voltage levels enabling a wide range of outdoor network and security applications and significantly reduces the  complexity of outdoor network installation, integration and ongoing network maintenance.  The LPS1000 PoE Switch is featured with local and remote power level configuration.  Locally, each LPS1000 port is designed with simple and easy to use push button for power level configuration.  Remote configuration over the internet could be achieved using a common internet web browser. Remote reset and troubleshoot of each port along with host of features makes the LinkPower LPS1000 the industry most powerful weatherproof PoE Switch.
For additional product or price information, please contact Inscape Data's sales team by sales@inscapedata.com or visit http://www.inscapedata.com.
Upcoming Events

SecuTech    April 16 ~ 18, 2008
Continuous from 2007, Inscape Data will be participating at this 2008 SecuTech show and will debut the LPS1000 LinkPower PoE Switch at the show for the first time.  Inscape Data cordially invites you to visit the show and see our total turnkey solutions and live demo, booth# C511-514.

12th - 14th May 2008 NEC, Birmingham
Also, continuous from 2007, Inscape Data will be participating at this 2008 IFSEC tradeshow and will showcase the LPS1000 LinkPower PoE Switch to European and other international customers.  Inscape Data cordially invites you to visit the show and see our total turnkey solutions and live demo, booth# 23205 .

The next ebriefing will be available by May 5,  2008.  Inscape Data's marketing team always welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we thank you again for your patronage.

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Inscape Data Corporation was founded in September 2003. Inscape Data is the industry leader in long range wireless and IP based video surveillance systems. The company offers total turnkey solutions based on a full suite of products lines, including the
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