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Issue No.123 / April 9, 2012
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Robust Outdoor 2x2 MIMO 5 GHz Wireless IP Video Surveillance Systems
The outdoor wireless video surveillance applications have been evolving to the higher bandwidth, e.g., mega-pixel video quality, and ever increasing interference in the 2.4GHz license free frequency band and . Inscape Data is meeting this challenging by delivering high data rate, i.e.g 300Mbps, reliable and secure AirEtherä outdoor 2x2 MIMO BR300/300E 5 GHz IP video wireless transceivers cost effectively. An IP based security system is as good as the network that connects them all together to share and relay time sensitive security information between each functional component.

With the 24dBm aggregated transmit power, the AirEther outdoor 2x2 MIMO BR300/300E based on the success of Inscape Data's BR54 Wireless Bridge, is the top choice among security professional seeking cost effective video solution for video coverage of parking lot, perimeter, industrial, or public safety applications.  The AirEther Outdoor 2x2 MIMO BR300/300E integrated with a built-in 18dBi panel 2x2 MIMO 5GHz antenna and operates in the much less congested 5GHz license exempt band that is capable of delivering 300Mbps physical data rate.  The 13 non-overlapping channels regulated by FCC offer exceptional frequency flexibility when used in high demanding latency sensitive IP video applications.




In a recent application case study, an industrial manufacturing and pipe assembly company successfully implemented Inscape Data corporation's AirEther Outdoor 2x2 MIMO BR300/300E products using 5 Gigahertz operations for an all wireless IP video surveillance network. The application consists of nine outdoor pan/tilt/zoom IP video camera systems monitoring the property's key locations to secure assets and provide worker safety. 


Challenges facing this project:

  • Mega-pixel video bandwidth
  • Heavy in-band & out-of-band 2.4 GHz interference
  • Unclean Main Power & Brown Outs
  • EMI from Electric Motors
  • Volatile Operating Temperature Conditions
  • Protection from Heavy Machinery and Equipment
  • Dusty Airborne particles


By utilizing the 5GHz license exempt band, the AirEther wireless access point bridge offers thirteen 20 MHz non-overlapping channels and 150 mbps physical data rate per link.  Based on the rugged electronic and mechanical design, the AirEther product was not disturbed by the harsh industrial environmental challenges.  Ultimately, in current real world deployment, Inscape Data Corporation's AirEther Outdoor 2x2 MIMO BR300/300E products operating in 5GHz is unparallel to other license exempt frequency product offering by delivering optimal network performance and capacity, while maintaining reliable and maintenance-free operation. 


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Inscape Data Corporation is the leading outdoor network appliance company.  Since it was founded in 2003, Inscape Data has been pioneering the design and development of the outdoor network appliance products, i.e., Outdoor PoE switch, long-range outdoor wireless communication, and IP Video surveillance systems.  Inscape Data offers total turnkey solutions for outdoor PoE, long-range outdoor 2.4GHz, 4.9GHz, 5GHz wireless, and IP-based video applications, including IP67/68 (Ingress Protection) -compliant all-weather IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n wireless systems, an Outdoor PoE Switch, and IP video security products based on MPEG-4 / H.264/ Mega-pixel video compression standards. Inscape Data's patent-pending technology drives our industry-leading outdoor PoE switch, which simplifies outdoor wiring and integration. Our innovative PoE switch greatly reduces the challenges and overhead involved in the daily management of outdoor wireless and IP video security systems.

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