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2009-2010 Winter Edition

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Introducing the New LinkPowerTM PoE Switch LPS600, LPS700, & LPS800 series - Outdoor Network & Power Center

LPS Series

Inscape Data Corporation, the leading outdoor network appliance company proudly introduces new additions to the LinkPower family of outdoor PoE switches.  Based on Inscape Data's patent-protected proprietary technologies specifically designed for powering outdoor network appliances such as IP surveillance cameras and wireless systems and the Link Power Switch LPS600, LPS700, and LPS800 series product is the pioneer standard for outdoor PoE switch and expands the current Inscape Data Corporation's Link Power Switch family line of outdoor network & power centers.
The remote controllable LinkPower LPS600, LPS700, and LPS800 offers a unique and powerful outdoor network power solution which significantly reduces the complexity of outdoor network installation, integration and ongoing network maintenance.
At a glance, the LPS600, LPS700, and LPS800 series product boast the following features:



Remote PD Power Cycle

Remotely Turn Power On and Off PoE Device

Remote AC Power Cycle

Remotely Turn Power On and Off the AC PowerPort on the LPS800 Series Product.  4 Available AC Port for the LPS700 and 2 Available AC Port for the LPS800

Heart Beat Monitor

Monitor the System Internals at Regular Interval, Reboot Automatically When the System Fails

Auto Ping

User Configurable Auto Ping Features Monitors the PoEPort and AC power ports and resets it automatically when ping fails

Remote System Reset

Remote Reset the LPS600, LPS700, & LPS800 Series Product System From Across the Network

Integrated Industrial Ethernet Surge Protection

132APeak Pulse Current Protection On Every EthernetPort

Integrated Industrial AC Port Surge Protection

Industrial AC Surge Protection on Every Controllable AC PowerPort.

All Weather Enclosure

IP67 Compliant Enclosure Rating and Water Tight Connectors Based on Patent-Protected Technology.

External LEDs

Bright LED Status Indicator for LAN Link or Activity and  One Green System Power LED

The LPS600, LPS700, and LPS800 Series Product offers nine models based on common industry PoE voltage levels.


Mr. Richard Ho, Product Manager of Inscape Data Corporation, says "It is flexible, cost-effective, and includes easy-to-install, easy-to-configure, and easy-to-maintain features to power single or multiple outdoor PoE devices like IP video cameras or wireless access points.  Recognizing the importance of its simplicity and manageability, the LinkPower LPS600, LPS700, and LPS800 is capable of providing remote PoE monitoring and power cycling of individual PoE and AC powered devices."
The LinkPower LPS600, LPS700, and LPS800 Outdoor PoE & Power Switches are the newest addition to our Link Power Switch series outdoor network & power center product portfolio. 
We are excited to deliver this unprecedented remote controllable Outdoor PoE & Power Switch to the market in Q1 of 2010.
For purchasing information and release date of the Link Power LPS600, LPS700, and LPS800 outdoor network & power center, please contact Inscape Data's sales team by e-mail to

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LinkPower Outdoor Network & Power Solution

The Development of Outdoor Network Appliance Market


The transformation and migration to outdoor wireless networking & power solution enables a broad range of cost-effective, secure deployment of government, municipalities, enterprise campus, and industrial applications.  Standards-based wireless access takes advantage of the growing popularity of WiFi hotspots, Mesh and WiMax, enabling new service opportunities and applications that improve deployment limitations, user productivity and responsiveness.


A transformation is also underway in the outdoor physical security and smart grid markets. The demands of better safety and asset protection, the command and control capabilities of information technology networks, and the processes of crisis management are merging to redefine how organizations effectively communicate and respond to threats.   On the other hand, the power and energy industry is demanding more reliable and simple network access to the smart meter installations.


IP Video, smart grid, and wireless standards based wireless infrastructure communication are three primary outdoor network appliance applications to emerge in this decade to define the explosive growth of outdoor network devices.  Traffic surveillance, automated utility meter reading, i.e., smart meter, wireless parking meter management, and wireless parking lot video surveillance are few examples of outdoor network applications once not possible or too costly with traditional solutions.


The key elements for deploying and integrating current and future outdoor network devices are power and inter-connectivity with reliable and cost effective outdoor network power center. 


Attributes of an Outdoor Network & Power Solution


Organizations have a variety of requirements that define the type of outdoor network & power center best suited for their application needs. These requirements include: voltage flexibility, outdoor reliability, daily maintenance, and remote management.


Voltage Flexibility - An outdoor network power center must have flexible voltage requirement to accommodate vast number of vendor equipments from IP video camera to wireless network bridges.  Single voltage outdoor network power center is too narrow in scope to address the complexity at an outdoor installation node.  The use of do it yourself box made of various PoE injectors and switches is time consuming and undermine the reliability of critical outdoor network equipment deployment.  Many components chosen from do it yourself boxes are not designed for outdoor deployment causing premature failures of outdoor installations.  All in one outdoor power solution addresses presales complexity and postsales installation and maintenance issues commonly faced by system integrators.


Outdoor Reliability - With increasing demand for cost effective IP devices, many new Powered Devices (PDs) are now operating both indoors and outdoors.  IP video camera systems used to monitor the inside of buildings are now finding their way onto street lights and utility poles for public safety and traffic monitoring.  The core challenges of powering outdoor PDs are:


             Inclement Weather Conditions

             Transient Voltage Surges

             Extreme Temperature Ranges

             AC Power Source Location

             Power Reliability

             Diverse PD voltage types

             PD Lock-Up


The proper use of transient surge suppressors, lightening arrestors, and hardened weather-tight enclosures are also critical protection measures for all outdoor network device installations.  Many outdoor products such as wireless broadband radios to IP digital video cameras are often times surged unprotected.  Outdoor Ethernet based equipment suffering surge related damages add up to significant maintenance and camera replacement cost, due in part, to premature equipment mortality from water damage, lightning and/or electrical surges.  While it is difficult to quantify lightning losses or water damage, industry experts estimate many millions of dollars worth of damages and losses occur each year.  Safeguarding your outdoor Ethernet based equipment with proper surge protection devices and by following industry standard grounding practice, will help to ensure years of trouble free operation. An outdoor network device power center must have the proper surge protection specifications to protect itself and the network equipments it services to insure outdoor reliability.  This way your investment and equipment will be properly protected over the life time of the installation. 


Daily Maintenance - An important design factor to consider for outdoor power centers is to lower daily maintenance cost over the lifetime of the network device installation it services.  For outdoor network device deployment, equipments are usually out of reach from the public therefore ladders and special lift vehicles are required during maintenance and troubleshooting.  These costs are added into support contracts and passed onto the end users.  Added measures in an outdoor network power center will have features to manually or automatically remote power cycle and manage the network device it services by eliminating a potentially expensive maintenance service call.


Remote Management - System operators must be able to easily manage outdoor network device deployment as they are deployed across wider areas than indoor network device deployments.  A municipal traffic surveillance application can easily cover several square miles of streets therefore very important to quickly identify outdoor device issues and recover from it.


When building or connecting a new outdoor wired network proves too costly, time-consuming or prohibitive, a wireless network should be considered as a proven and reliable alternative. Standards-based wireless infrastructure equipment provides great location selection and coverage without the costs of trenching or hanging cables.


When expanding a current video network to new locations, wireless networks play a very important role. When designed properly, they are generally easier to install, quicker to deploy, cost less, and extend to hard to reach areas with very good results.  To power reliable outdoor wireless infrastructure equipment, the use of a reliable maintenance free network power center with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support is important.  The trend for network equipment powering is PoE.  Wireless and IP video solutions are now utilizing PoE as the primary powering method.  With new PoE standards releasing periodically, PoE based network devices will surpass traditional powered network devices shortly from IP phones to wireless access points.  


Overview of Power over Ethernet


PoE eliminates time, cost and effort required to install separate 110/220 Volts Alternating Current (VAC) power to the remote Powered Device (PD). Using the power derived from the Ethernet connection eliminates the need for a localized battery back-up, preventing any data loss or security breaches. All PD devices can be protected by a single centralized UPS. 


There are two methods of interfacing power to the Ethernet cable. First, a mid-span powered hub is connected in cascade with the Ethernet switch (refer to Figure 1A). Second, the end-span (end-point) power module is fully integrated in the Ethernet switch delivering power without the need for additional components (refer to Figure 1B). 


Examples of mid-span PSE equipment are Inscape Data Corporation's PIP100 1-port PoE injector and PIS200 2-port PoE injector with surge suppression built-in.  The LinkPower LPS1000 5-port adjustable voltage PoE switch is an all-in-one end-span PSE type of equipment.  Inscape Data Corporation's SB54 all-weather dual band access point / bridge and NVC series IP video camera are examples of PD devices.


Depending on which PoE technology is used, there may be a need for end-span, mid-span, or both systems in an application.  End-span approach is preferred to reduce system component count.  With the introduction of Inscape Data's Link Power LPS end-span adjustable voltage PoE switch, pre-standard PoE support, 802.3af, remote port restart, Ethernet port surge suppression, and all weather enclosure are all inclusive to simplify each PDs' powering needs.  The differences between the Inscape Data LPS solutions and currently common alternatives are highlighted in Figure 2.


Benefits of PoE


The benefits provided by PoE technology are more than just simplifying the wiring. Benefits also include:


Cost Savings - Cost savings in the time of deployment and costs associated allows for deployment without traditional high voltage electrical circuits, eliminating the creation and maintenance of power infrastructures such as cords, outlets, and conduits.  Cost savings associated with the need to subcontract expensive high voltage electricians is also eliminated.


Easy to Install - PoE requires one set of wires to the PD.  Vendors and users both benefit from this simplified installation concept.


Deployment Flexibility - Since PoE PDs may be deployed up to hundreds of feet away from AC outlets, the location flexibility of PDs simplifies cabling layout and power restrictions.  Systems like IP cameras and wireless access points can be located in more secured locations to avoid intentional tampering.


Reliability - PoE architecture allows centralized power management by managing the PSE to an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system. By attaching a battery backup system to the PSE, the PD is guaranteed power even when there is a main power failure.

Outdoor PoE Challenges


The future of an outdoor network power center will offer Power over Ethernet and the flexibility to accommodate wired or wireless network infrastructure equipment.  However, with the lack of outdoor and multi-power PoE switch support from network equipment vendors, many system integrators have to build their own boxed solution from scratch, until now.


LinkPower Outdoor PoE & Power Switch


Inscape Data Corporation, the leading outdoor network appliance company has recently released new family of outdoor PoE switches.  Based on Inscape Data's patent-protected proprietary technologies specifically designed for powering outdoor network appliances such as IP surveillance cameras and wireless systems, the Link Power Switch family line is the pioneer standard for outdoor PoE & power switch.


The remote controllable LinkPower outdoor switch offers a unique and powerful outdoor network power solution which significantly reduces the complexity of outdoor network installation, integration and ongoing network maintenance.  Table 1 is a comparison table of the LinkPower LPS PoE & Power switch to current market availability.


LinkPower (LPS) Switch

3rd Party Switch

All Weather Design



Multiport Adjustable PoE Voltage



Remote Power Cycle of Ethernet and AC Ports






Ethernet Surge Protection



AC Power Forwarding



* Limited Availability

Table 1. Comparison of LinkPower PoE & Power Switch with 3rd Party Equivalent Products



Clearly, the shift from indoor network powered devices to outdoor network powered devices in the physical security and network appliances market will pave the way to extend security and network devices to application scenarios once not possible.  Modern network equipment and recent events around the world are putting new demands on both the folks that design, install and manage these networks, as well as the manufacturers that develop technologies used in these networks.


Inscape Data's LinkPower PoE & Power Switch family line is leading the trend for outdoor network power center to reliably power outdoor network devices and lower lifetime maintenance and installation cost.  The LinkPower PoE & Power Switch is an emerging technology that will change the way outdoor network devices are managed and powered.  With the rapid increasing deployment of PoE enabled PDs, residential, retail, enterprise, and industrial users will all benefit from the cost savings as well as the simplicity, reliability, and flexibility.  Outdoor PoE device market faces challenges of diverse power systems and extreme operating environments.  By providing flexible outdoor network power center voltage support and remote restart capability, Inscape Data's LinkPower PoE & Power Switch overcomes practical deployment problems in outdoor environments and brings a new concept to outdoor PoE powering and switching.  The adjustable voltage, remote reset, individual port monitor, and much more, makes the LinkPower Switch the industry's only solution to power your PoE enabled outdoor network devices.

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helpdeskHELP DESK
External Sensor Trigger of Inscape Data PTZ IP Video Cameras

The AirGoggle PTZ camera model, NVC910, NVC1000s, and NVC3000s comes pack with features.  In addition to the core functionality of panning and tilting with a click of a computer mouse, it is capable of 165 preset location, 8 tours, 8 patterns, and auto scanning features.  On top of all this, a 4 or 2 external sensor port, depending on model, is capable of triggering any of the presets, tours, and patterns.  To enable this feature and provide intelligent event surveillance and recording, please follow these simple steps.

  1. With Inscape Data NVR100 or NVM1000 video management software, execute the virtual controller and OSD menu for the Inscape Data PTZ network camera.
  2. Scroll to the Dome Setup and Enable Alarm.
  3. Scroll to the Alarm Set Item and configure external sensor input ports 1,2,3,4 if needed.
  4. Each port has the following options the user may set
    • Alarm Input (NO=Normally Open, NC=Normally Closed, OFF)
    • Alarm ACT (Preset 1~64 & 100~200, Tour 1~8, Pattern 1~8)
  5. Configure each port if desired and click save.  Once done, exit out of the onscreen display menu.
  6. At this point the configured sensor port will trigger when the sensor is tripped and may activate a preset location, tour, or pattern depending on the configuration.
  7. For NVM2000 licensed software, external sensor trigger is configured differently.  Please reference to the user manual for more details.

NVR100 Virtual Controller and "Alarm Set" option


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