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2009 Fall Edition

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LPS1000New Product Launch -
Remote Controllable Outdoor Multi-voltage PoE Switch

Inscape Data Corporation, the leading outdoor network appliance company announced the successful release of the LinkPower LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage Outdoor PoE Switch at the 2009 ASIS conference and exhibition held in Anaheim, California, U.S.A.  Based on Inscape Data's patent-protected proprietary technologies specifically designed for powering outdoor network appliances such as IP surveillance cameras and wireless access points, the Link Power LPS1000 is the pioneer standard for outdoor PoE switch.
The remote controllable LinkPower LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage PoE Switch offers a unique and powerful outdoor five-port Ethernet Switch with an adjustable voltage feature, per port four discrete voltage levels, and significantly reduces the complexity of outdoor network installation, integration and ongoing network maintenance.  At a glance, the LPS1000 boast the following features:



Remote PD Power Cycle

Remotely Turn Power On and Off PoE Device Connected to the LPS1000

All Weather Enclosure**

IP67 Compliant Enclosure Rating and Water Tight Connectors Based on Patent Pending Technology.

IndependentPort Voltage Adjustment

Adjustable DC PoE Voltage of 0VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, and IEEE 802.3af Via Easy to Use Push Button Switch.

Heart Beat Monitor

Monitor the System at Regular Interval, Reboot Automatically When the System Fails

Remote System Reset

Remote Reset the LPS1000 System From Across the Network

High Power PoE

The LPS1000 Delivers Up to 150 Watts of Total Power for the Most Demanding Applications

Power Device Protection

Port Voltage Change Allowed Only if No Ethernet Device Connected to Port

Integrated Industrial Ethernet Surge Protection

132APeak Pulse Current Protection On Every EthernetPort

5-Port PoE Switch

Connect up to 5 PoE Devices or Uplink Switch at 10/100 mbps Speeds with Auto-MDX Cross Over Feature

Mr. Richard Feeney, North America Sales Manager of Inscape Data Corporation, says "It is flexible, cost-effective, and includes easy-to-install, easy-to-configure, and easy-to-maintain features for connecting  PoE  multiple outdoor wireless and IP video devices all at one installation location.  Recognizing the importance of its simplicity and manageability, the LinkPower LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage Outdoor PoE Switch is capable of providing remote PoE monitoring and power cycling of individual PoE powered devices."
The LinkPower LPS1000 Adjustable Voltage Outdoor PoE Switch is the newest addition to our entire wireless and IP video surveillance product portfolio. 
"We are excited to deliver this unprecedented Adjustable Voltage Outdoor PoE Switch to the market."
For purchasing information of the Link Power LPS1000 adjustable voltage outdoor PoE switch, please contact an Inscape Data channel partner.

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Video Analytics, the Intelligence in Intelligent Video

What can Video Analytics Do For Me?
Video surveillance is a booming business, and installations become larger and larger. At the same time, several studies have highlighted the hit and miss nature of human intervention to spot change in a surrounding environment. And the challenge becomes larger as systems expand. In addition, a massive amount of video is being recorded, but never watched or reviewed, due to lack of time.
As a result, security personnel are faced with an overwhelming volume of video and data, making it difficult to pinpoint events of genuine importance.  The NVM2000 multivendor network video management software from Inscape Data Corporation with video analytics help organizations make sense of these vast amounts of video and data for better decisions and faster, more effective action. Video analytics enhance situational awareness and transform threat detection from a manual, resource-intensive operation to an efficient, accurate, automated process. With NVM2000 network video management solution, security staff can focus on deterring and managing threats, rather than scanning banks of video monitors trying to detect them.
Intelligent video is about reducing the vast amount of information contained in video, making it more manageable for systems and security personnel's.  Intelligent video surveillance systems automatically perform an analysis of captured video and automate actions or tasks allowing security personnel to be more alert and aware of situations to make better decisions, especially in high-risk scenarios.
 The NVM2000 network video management software performs video analytics ranging from video motion detection to more advanced analysis including camera tampering detection and people counting.  The NVM2000 can also integrate with retail point of sales system to effectively monitor cash register transactions.

Benefits of Video Analytics
Video analytics allows video surveillance systems to be smarter, more accurate, and more cost-effective. The NVM2000 with video analytics provides the following benefits:
  • Detects suspicious activities
  • Analyze video and automate actions and tasks in real-time
  • Initiates video recording, alarms or other actions
  • Alerts operators or field personnel
  • Enables users to be proactive - preventing crime rather than reacting or analyzing after the fact
Systems can be set up to deliver far more targeted and specific information with video analytics then systems without it.  Going forward, there will be far less reliance on human effort. Video analytics also creates a platform for efficient and proactive measures.  By configuring intelligent video systems to specific parameters, it is possible to get instant alerts when pre-set parameters have been breached, thus delivering early warnings to security personnel.
Reduced storage needs
Intelligent video systems like the NVM2000 with video analytics minimize the need for storage space by recording only video that contains activity. Intelligent video applications help build video surveillance systems that are more cost-effective.

Efficient use of resources
Video Analytics enables efficient use of resources.  Fewer security personnel can monitor even very large installations, since staff will not be required to watch many monitors for long hours to spot suspicious activity. Instead, the NVM2000 with video analytics system would inform operators about people moving in restricted areas, vehicles going the wrong way, or attempts to tamper with the video surveillance cameras.
Speed up stored video retrieval
Video analytics, such as video motion detection, foreign objects, or missing objects, ensures that only relevant prerecorded video footage is stored, so that when the need arises to search through old recordings, only video that could potentially include the event in question is retrieved.  Video analytics can search through days of stored video to find the right video footage in a matter of seconds.

Intelligent Video Surveillance with NVM2000
Inscape Data Corporation, the leading outdoor network appliance company is committed to provide scalable total turn-key video surveillance solution including a host of IP video fixed and PTZ camera hardware and free or licensed video management software.  The NVM2000 licensed video management solution with video analytics, intelligently support operators with live video contents analysis or post recording processing which tackles real-world video surveillance challenges.

Motion Detection
Motion detection is primarily used to reduce the amount of video that is stored, by tagging video that has changes and eliminating video in which nothing changes.  By only storing video in which changes occur, recorded video maybe stored for longer period of time.  Motion Detection is built into Inscape Data Corporation's IP video camera and network video management software. 
Camera Occlusion
Camera occlusion can occur from an object obstructing the cameras view, spray paint, or hand over camera.  In all cases, it is important for the security personnel to be aware of potential risks involved with camera occlusion.  Actions like sounding an alert or highlighting the video of the tampered camera makes the job easier for the security personnel.
Foreign Object
Foreign Object video analytics feature detects foreign objects.  This feature is advantageous in video surveillance where a prohibited area or valuable item is under 24-7 surveillance.  Once an intruder enters a video camera's view guarded by foreign object video analytics, actionable events maybe setup to alert the security personnel immediately.
Lose Focus
Fixed cameras, over time, may loose its lens focus.  When this does happen, the recorded video footage becomes blurred and usually not usable as evidence.  The lose focus video analytics feature allow for early detection and maintenance of video cameras out of focus.
Signal Lost
IP or CCTV cameras may stop streaming live video feeds if there is fault in the camera hardware or transmission medium. In both cases, lost of video signal to the video recorder will happen.  With the signal lost video analytics feature, security personnel are alerted instantly when a video camera loses its video signal.  This allows the appropriate persons to be notified to further investigate the issue.
Object Counting
People counting, especially in retail environments, is one of the primary applications for object counting video analytics because it provides a wealth of data to assist store managers in optimizing store layout and customer service.  One-way or two-way object counting feature available with the NVM2000 maybe used to generate business intelligence to increase profitability in addition to deterrence and securing property.
All of the NVM2000 video analytics features may trigger up to ten actionable events such as sound an alert, dial a phone number, send an email, locate the camera on the E-Map, enlarge the camera view, trigger a relay contact, and many more. 
Going forward, the trend in video surveillance is utilizing video analytics to decrease operational cost and increase surveillance efficiency.  Inscape Data Corporation is dedicated to providing our loyal customer with intelligent solutions to bring wealth of new business and surveillance opportunities.  For more information on the licensed NVM2000 video management software with video analytics or other products by Inscape Data Corporation, please visit our website at or contact a channel sales representative.

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helpdeskHELP DESK
Importance of Light and Lighting for Your Video Security Deployment

The rules to capture quality images for security surveillance applications are very similar to capturing quality images in any camera system, high quality camera hardware and plenty of lighting.  Reports from many sources shows the most common reason for poor picture quality is inadequate environmental lighting.  The AirGoggle line of cameras consist of state of the art image sensor backed by high quality silicon CCD (charged couple device), a photosensitive pickup device, as well as a dedicated hardware real-time video compression application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).  However, every scene usually has its own lighting challenges, but however different it is, there are few rules that applies universally across all imaging device.  Let's take a look at light and measurement of light more closely.
In reality, measuring light is a complex science of quantum mechanics, but security professionals are armed with needed key information for security camera system design and deployment.  From the point of view of the eye or security camera, there are two sources of light:  Primary sources such as a light bulbs and secondary sources, objects or surfaces from which light is reflected.  Since secondary light sources are dependent upon reflective quality of the surface, the material covering or making up of a surface will also determine the amount of secondary light's illumination.  For example, a good white projector screen typically reflects 90% of the incident light where as a dark jacket may reflect only 5% of the incident light, resulting in low illumination.  The level of illumination therefore is dependent on both the direct lighting source and the reflective properties of the surface areas.  Below is a table which typifies levels of illumination in different lighting environment.



Full Moon


Office lighting

Overcast day

Sunny day








At least 200 lux is needed to capture sharp quality images.  To determine how much lux a security camera is seeing with respect to the object it surveillances, a light-level meter is the tool of choice.  When using a light level meter, take the reading at the camera's lens.  When we think about the intensity of security camera lighting, too often we are only concerned about the area being too dark, however too much lighting can also pose problems.  The human eye does not cope well with excessive bright light, neither does security cameras.  Pointing the security camera directly towards a high intensity primary or secondary light source may pose an issue called backlighting.  Backlighting issues are common at entrance ways where inside is much darker than outside.  Another area which may cause backlighting conditions is surveillance objects in front of a bright white wall.  Avoiding direct security camera view into high intensity areas and consideration to secondary light sources, changing the color of bright white wall to grey wall, is the key to solving backlighting issues.   
Cameras with auto-iris lenses will increase the effectiveness of light intensity mitigation in an environment with constant changing light conditions as well as protect the image sensor being damaged by strong sunlight.  Security cameras installed outdoors, for example, parking lots where the variation of light intensity from 10 to 100,000 lux is normal, should use an auto-iris enabled lens or wide dynamic enabled camera. 
At the top tier of cameras performance for constant or extreme backlighting environments are the Inscape Data NVC210WD and NVC300WD, WD tier of IP cameras.  These specialized cameras tackles backlight and glare issues by dynamically compensating contrast to deliver crisp and vivid color video images for the video surveillance industry. 
When using cameras at night, adequate lighting is required to avoid reflections and shadows.  This may call forth addition of flood, wide angle, or spot lighting.  Alternative light sources could also be used for covert operations for example IR (infra-red) lighting or certain situation which restricts the use of artificial lighting.  Since the human eye is insensitive to IR lighting, a primary light source, it is typically used for covert operations.  Typical monochromatic cameras are very sensitive to IR lighting, but color cameras are not due to the IR cut-filter required.  Day & night features were introduced to color network cameras to operate in daylight color mode when illumination is above a certain threshold and in IR mode without colors when it is below.  Although the human eyes are not able to see the IR light source to determine adequate intensity, illumination rules still apply.  A good quality light-meter used at the camera lens location will determine if a particular IR illuminator's intensity is sufficient for the surveillance task. 
When shopping for a light-meter, key specifications to consider are intensity measurement ranges, display hold function, small form-factor, and replaceable photo detector.  Most light meter manufacturer provide a black cover for the sensor and, to ensure accurate readings and preserve the life of the meter, this should only be removed while taking a reading.
When choosing the correct IP security camera under different lighting conditions is simple with Inscape Data's AirGoggle IP cameras systems.  All models come standard with auto-iris lens and adjustable backlight compensation & brightness feature.  Day & night functionality are also an integral feature of the AirGoggle outdoor pan/tilt/zoom speed domes as well as many fixed and indoor IP security cameras.  In addition, the wide dynamic IP camera models tackle the most demanding high contrast video surveillance environments.  For more information on Inscape Data total turnkey IP video surveillance solutions, please visit our website at


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