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Spring, 2008 Edition
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  • Cover Story: NVM1000 Network Video Management Software Version 4.0 with E-MAP
  • Technology Corner: New Day and Night Technology with Dual CCD
  • Help Desk 1 of 2: AirGoggleTM Network Camera JPEG Still Image
  • Help Desk 2 of 2: AirGoggleTM PTZ Network Camera Feature: External Sense Trigger
    Cover Story: NVM 1000 Network Video Management Software Version 4.0 with E-MAP

    Inscape Data Corporation is pleased to announce the release of NVM1000 Version 4.0 Network Video Management Software.  The NVM1000 version 4.0 is the next major release video management solution for Inscape Data's line of IP based network cameras featuring E-MAP. 


    The NVM1000 is a robust daemon based PC application program package designed for centralized real time video monitoring and recording.  The NVM1000 allows security professionals to view, record, and manage simultaneously up to 64 Inscape Data network cameras, video servers, and DVR distributed over the IP network.  The NVM1000 is also capable of multiple monitor support with each display viewing format divided into the following 1/4/6/10/13/16. 

       Building _120 
                  NVM1000 View 1 out of 4
    EMAP, also known as electronic map is the new feature on NVM1000 version 4.0 or later.  It allows for video viewing while referring to predefined floor plan at the same time.  The EMAP allows for import of picture files containing floor plan, building layout, geographical maps, and the likes as the background.  EMAP quickly guides users to camera location and video view for easy to use video and event management solution.
         Building _120
    EMAP with Floor Plan Graphics Loaded

    With EMAP users can drag and drop network surveillance cameras to its relative reference location to track and monitor Inscape Data network surveillance cameras, video servers, and digital video recorders more effectively. 


    Other video management features of the NVM1000 in addition to the EMAP are:

    • Viewing and Recording for 1 to 64 Cameras
    • 16 Channel Playback of prerecorded video
    • Special remote DVR control feature to easily access AirGoggleTM NVR480R equipment
    • Multiple Monitor Support up to 5 monitors (4 for live viewing, 1 for dedicated playback)
    • Event Activated Recording
    • Remote Relay Control
    • 64 Channel Alarm Status Display
    • Customizable video view via Tiling and Resizing option
    • Intelligent Remote PTZ control of NVC910, NVC1000, and NVC3000 network camera or video server with quick access to 22 preset positions, centering, and scanning
    • Audio: Bi-Direction audio communication
    • Save and restore user configuration information
    • Easy video playback and search based on manual, schedule, alarm, or motion detection.
    • Easy search on recording based on date/time/activity/alarm
    • OS: Windows XP/2003 Server
    • Recording support for server Local HD, RAID, NAS, or SAN devices
    • Daemon software architecture for high reliability and software protection
    The NVM 1000 version 4.0 is now available with every Inscape Data network video system hardware purchase.  Please contact your Inscape Data sales representative for more details.
    Help Desk 1 of 1: AirGoggleTM Network Camera JPEG Still Image

    Inscape Data AirGoggleTM network camera and server with the exception of the retired NVC100 series network cameras have the ability to display JPEG still image frame from using the following convention:


    This feature allows any web programmer to easily pull a digital still image from the Inscape Data network camera or server to any website.  Similar to adding digital photos to a website, the following html code could be used:

    <img scr= http://network_camera_ip_address/stillimg.jpg/>

    Depending on the type of customization is needed; the web programmer could reference to many available open source codes to automatically refresh the images every X second. This method of bringing the network camera image is an alternative to streaming MPEG4  video to a web page. 

    AirGoggle Network Cam

    Since the digital still image is in JPEG format, website visitor may save the image
    to their own PC.  This feature is attractive for network camera owners wishes to send digital images to a website or for  custom applications.

    Please check the Inscape Data newsletter regularly for tips on using Inscape Data wireless and network video systems.  Inscape Data customers needing support, please contact 408-935-8500 option 2. 
    About Inscape Data Corporation
    Building _120Founded on a culture of business excellence and product innovation, Inscape Data is the industry leader in long range wireless communication and IP based video surveillance systems. They offer a full suite of turnkey solutions for long range 2.4GHz & 5GHz wireless and IP based video surveillance applications, including their AirEtherTM Wireless Systems with IP67/68- (Ingress Protection) compliant all-weather wireless systems and their AirGoggleTM IP based Video Security Systems based on MPEG-4 video compression standards.
    With strong, dependable, and proven manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan, Inscape Data is committed to delivering products that provide differentiated value to its customers and partners worldwide. Continuing in this pioneering spirit of excellence and innovation, Inscape Data is consistently developing and introducing cutting-edge technology solutions with a unique competitive advantage to the marketplace in the future.
    Techonology Corner: New Day & Night Technology with Dual CCD
    In the realm of 24 hour video surveillance there are essentially two major types of camera: color and black & white.  Black and white cameras are most versatile with excellent sensitivity to pick up low light and it is therefore good for daytime or nighttime use.  Black and white surveillance cameras have been in service since the beginning of video surveillance history but since the real world unfolds in color, the need for more detail pushes the envelope of video surveillance technology into color video surveillance cameras.


    With the advance of CCD (charge coupled device) optical pickup sensor technology, color video surveillance camera became available for use by security professionals.  Color cameras provide the additional details not available with black and white cameras.  For example:  casinos were able to determine a subject's complexion as well as the color of their attire.  Policemen are able to review prerecorded video to locate a green vehicle.  Although color cameras work well in well-lit places, there was a performance tradeoff between color cameras and black and white cameras in low light environments.  Due to the wide range of electromagnetic spectrum sensitivity, CCD sensors are able to pickup IR (infrared) light.  The ability to pickup IR light is a positive behavior for security surveillance camera application in covert or zero lux surveillance operations.  For color cameras to transfer video images correctly it needs an IR cut filter.  IR cut filter is installed between the lens and CCD sensor.  The need for IR cut filter is because IR light causes certain colors to show up blank on the video monitor.  Although color cameras could be used in nighttime surveillance, it is not as superior as black and white cameras due to the need to block IR light which could be used for nighttime surveillance.  For this reason, Inscape Data offers standard camera package with automatic removable IR blocking filter. 


    Cameras with mechanical removable IR blocking filter also known as day and night, allows for color video surveillance during daytime and black & white surveillance during night time for around the clock video surveillance.  To strike a balance between good color pickup and IR sensitivity, image sensors with broad electromagnetic spectrum pickup is utilized.  In certain surveillance application where extreme difference in lighting condition, new concept in surveillance camera technology was needed, Dual mechanical exchange CCD camera with integrated IR illuminator.


    Inscape Data Corporation, the leader in wireless and IP video is proud to introduce two new models the NVC360 and NVC800 with dual exchange CCD, the newest concept in zero lux network video surveillance technology.


    The NVC360 and NVC800 network cameras are precision designed to house two CCD, a 1/3" Sony Super HAD color CCD and Sony Ex-View black and white CCD. Mechanically, the two CCD exchanges depending on ambient light condition.  The Sony Ex View black and white CCD is capable of 600 TVL of high-resolution 0.003 lux surveillance and the Sony Super HAD CCD is capable of 520 TVL of crisp high quality color video for the best viewing capability in its class.  Compared to the conventional Sony CCD, the Exview CCD has the highest image sensitivity in the market
            Dual CCD

    In addition to doubling the CCD sensors to provide superior low light surveillance, the integrated high power 850nm IR LED illuminators makes objects visible in pitch black environments up to 50 meters for video surveillance.


    Mechanically, the NVC360 and NVC800 are designed with a rugged IP66 rated vandal resistant housing with heater and blower.  Its durability and ruggedness allows the NVC360 and NVC800 to be used in the harshest weather and operating environments.


    For more information on the new NVC360 and NVC800 cameras, please contact one of Inscape Data's sales professional or visit our website at
    Help Desk 1 of 2: AirGoggleTM PTZ Network Camera Feature: External Sensor Trigger                          
    The AirGoggleTM PTZ camera model, NVC910, NVC1000, and NVC3000 comes pack with features.  In addition to the core functionality of panning and tilting with a click of a computer mouse, it is capable of 165 preset location, 8 tours, 8 patterns, and auto scanning features.                                              
    Building _120
    On top of all this a 4 or 2 external sensor port, depending on model, is capable of triggering any of the presets, tours, and patterns.  To enable this feature and provide intelligent event surveillance and recording, please follow these simple steps.


    1. With Inscape Data NVR100 or NVM1000 video management software, execute the virtual controller and OSD menu for the Inscape Data PTZ network camera.


    2. Scroll to the Dome Setup and Enable Alarm.


    3. Scroll to the Alarm Set Item and configure external sensor input ports 1,2,3,4 if needed.


    4. Each port has the following options the user may set


           a.  Alarm Input   (NO=Normally 

                Open, NC=Normally Closed, 


           b.  Alarm ACT (Preset   1~64 & 

                100~200, Tour 1~8, Pattern


    5. Configure each port if desired and click save.  Once done, exit out of the onscreen display menu.


    6. At this point the configured sensor port will trigger when the sensor is tripped and may activate a preset location, tour, or pattern depending on the configuration.


    Building _120
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